Cat-eye masks and pom-poms galore: Pam Hogg’s punkish wake for AW20 | LOVE


LOOKS: As shortly as a lights went up, Punkish outfit exploded onto a runway: pom-poms galore splattered a filigree bodysuit of one indication like she’d only transient a fantastical chronicle of paintball, over-the-top millinery was fashioned into magnificent top-hats – gold, black, reaching a roof and fanning with tulle – or remade into a red velvet box pierced with crucifixes, alluding to a show’s holy pretension Will There be a Morning/Mourning.

OH SO MANY BOWS: Storm Dennis competence have been distracted outside, though it was raining bows backstage as any demeanour that emerged came lonesome in daintily tied ribbons. Orange, blue, pinkish or yellow, they crawled adult tufts of tulle, sat atop ballooning shoulders, or flashy hats and combined a certain va-va-voom to arms. The models looked like over-ridden uncover ponies, lonesome in rosettes.

VIBE: As always, queues were turn a block, circled behind to a tube and strike section four. But seriously, vibrated editors and conform fans comparison waited for a doors to open and many, many fangirls were incited away; all to get a cut of Dr Pam Hogg’s anarchic world.

EYE MASKS: Black cat-eyed masks injected a uncanny and smashing uncover with a clarity of mischievous charm, transforming latex-clad models into undoubted vixens. How purrfect.