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Can Google’s new ‘Chat’ app finally solve Android’s messaging mess?

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Guess what, folks? Google is rising nonetheless another messaging app for Android.

Following a genocide of GChat, a loss use of Hangouts and Allo’s finish disaster to benefit traction, Google is plotting another app for Android.

This one, according to reports, will only be called ‘Chat’.

The thought is to enlarge a normal Android Messages SMS app with a Rich Communications Services alternative.

The RCS-based app will make a simple SMS functionality as media abounding as a tip messaging apps.

It’ll offer correct organisation chatting, read profits and typing indicators, as good as full-res images and videos.

There’ll also be a web client, that users can record into by scanning a QR formula on their phone, but, sadly, no end-to-end encryption.

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It won’t utterly be a all-singing-all-dancing resolution like Apple’s iMessages app, though it’ll be a outrageous ascent on a stream state of play.

Before 2018 is up

According to The Verge, Apple skeleton to hurl out a Chat services within a existent Android Messages app ‘in a nearby future’, though it competence be subsequent year before everybody gets access.

As always, a hold-up will be pleasantness of a mobile carriers. Seeing as this runs over normal networks, it won’t be a box of only updating a app around Google Play.

The good news is, a messages will be sent over a information devise rather than charging users for an SMS message.

Google says it is “pausing” work on Allo, though a Duo video job height stays alive and well.

We’re still not certain because Google can’t only make a answer to iMessage everybody would prefer, though this new Chat app should be an ascent during least.

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