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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Guide – IX Tips and Tricks

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Despite abandoning a solo campaign, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has still managed to stir with a strong contingent of multiplayer modes. Zombies is one of them, braggadocio 3 maps to select from any with their possess bespoke locations, characters and mechanics to master.

IX is one of a many extravagant, thrusting we and a organisation of friends into a gladiatorial locus about to be swarmed by undead hordes. Trapped by a visionary cult, it’s your pursuit to reason off a approaching swarms and stay alive as prolonged as possible. As we competence expect, it can be challenging.

So, Trusted Reviews has gathered a accessible beam for IX including information on how to clear Pack-a-Punch, special weapons and more.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 IX Guide – How to clear a Pack a Punch Machine

You’ll need to do a lot of harsh and scrutiny to mount a possibility during unlocking a fugitive Pack a Punch Machine in IX. Firstly, you’ll wish to clear all sections of a map and some somewhat harder to find gongs during a arise of any particular tower. This competence cost a few points, so don’t design to expose all until after a few rounds.

Upon a toll of any gong, a champion will seem for we to defeat. These are formidable enemies who happily soak adult hundreds of bullets before satirical a dust. After they’re down for a count, conduct over to a remains and collect adult a object they’ve dropped.


With this object in hand, conduct over to any champion’s particular territory of a map and jam it into their altar. Once this is finished for all 4 of a champions, a Pack a Punch Machine will finally arise out of a ground. Much like other maps, you’ll need to scapegoat 5000 points to impregnate weapons with additional power.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 IX Guide – Where is a Mystery Box?

The Mystery Box has been an iconic tack of Call of Duty’s Zombies mode given a inception, rewarding players with a pointless arms or square of apparatus in sell for a few points. IX is no exception, containing a poser box that will change plcae as we progress.

It always starts off subterraneous in a meaningful catacombs.  More specifically, it’s in one of a initial subterraneous areas you’ll clear after abandoning a categorical locus in a early goings. Head to a upper-right dilemma and open a gate, slaying undead as we go. After this, keep an eye out for a poser box circuitously a fractured statue.

In a starting area, all gates around we will be sealed and need a inexhaustible volume of points to be unlocked. Some won’t need points, instead being non-stop from a other side or requiring a specific artifact.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 IX Guide – How to build a Zombie Shield

You can build a Zombie Shield in any of a Black Ops 4 zombie mode maps now in a game. It’s a absolute means of invulnerability and requires utterly a few mixture to construct. We’ve gathered a step-by-step beam for any of them below.

Blade – Step 1: The initial square can be found in a Altar Room. To be some-more specific, demeanour behind a stairs and on a statue pedestal.

Blade – Step 2: Next adult you’ll need to strike adult a opening to Zeus Tower in hunt of a second piece. You’ll find it during a bottom of a statue circuitously a Altar Room.

Blade – Step 3: Zeus Tower once again, solely this time you’ll be removing a small soppy in a bathhouse. Not too soppy though, as it’s watchful only by a entrance.

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Next adult is a defense itself, that is also separate into 3 particular tools we can find via a map. All 3 of these are located in a Ra Altar Room that is good and convenient.

Shield – Step 1: Look around in a corners, it will be watchful for we circuitously one of a pillars.

Shield – Step 2: It’s left of a gong, that is a flattering apparent thing to mark inside a room itself.

Shield – Step 3: This one is right of a aforementioned gong, sitting opposite a wall.

Finally, you’ll need to try around a playhouse in hunt of a Buckler that is, of course, separate into 3 opposite parts. All of these can be found in a Odin Tower.

Buckler – Step 1: Awaiting we in a entrance, this partial can be found stealing circuitously a shield-rack in a corner.

Bucker – Step 2: Located in a Tower Cauldron, you’ll find it circuitously some mounted objects on a wall.

Buckler – Step 3: In a Altar Room Glance to a right of a stairs and you’ll see it being stored alongside a integrate of spears.

Once all a tools are collected, all we need to do is find a workbench and erect it. After that, it’ll be watchful in your inventory.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 IX Guide – How to finish Arena Challenges

IX has a array of hurdles that can be dished out to a singular volume of players, ensuing in additional experience, apparatus and stepping stones to a few pleasant easter eggs and mythological weapons.

To activate pronounced hurdles you’ll need to cut one of a mixed ropes located during a outdoor wall of a arena. Once doing so, 3 tasks will seem on a left-hand side of your HUD. For any one we complete, you’ll be rewarded with something in a executive podium.

We’ll be adding some-more tips and tricks to this beam going forward, so be certain to bookmark this page to stay on tip of Zombies in Call of Duty Black Ops 4!