California city central suspended over his pestilence remarks


ANTIOCH, Calif. — A Northern California city central has been suspended after he suggested on amicable media that sick, aged and homeless people should be left to accommodate their “natural march in nature” during a coronavirus pandemic.

City legislature members in Antioch, a city of about 110,000 people 35 miles easterly of Oakland, voted unanimously Friday night to mislay Ken Turnage II from his post as authority of a city’s formulation commission.

NBC Bay Area reports there was a quick conflict after Turnage characterized people with diseased defence systems as a empty on society.

He wrote on Facebook: “the World has been introduced to a new word Herd Immunity that is a good one. In my opinion we need to adjust a Herd Mentality. A flock gathers it ranks, it allows a sick, a old, a harmed to accommodate a healthy march in nature.”

As for homeless people, he combined that a pathogen would “fix what is a poignant weight on a multitude and resources that can be used.”

Ken Turnage.KNTV

Turnage after deleted a post though refused to renounce or behind down from his comments. During a two-hour legislature assembly hold on Zoom, Turnage pronounced his personal opinion had no temperament on his duties as a formulation commissioner and that stealing him would violate his leisure of speech.

But city officials countered that his posting caused a detriment in certainty and combined a intrusion to a city. Mayor Steve Wright pronounced politicians are hold to a aloft customary by representing a city to all.

After a legislature nude him of his post, Turnage pronounced that if residents had mislaid certainty in him, “that’s their opinion and we can’t assistance that.”

“It’s not like it used to be,” he lamented, “when we could have an opinion, speak about it and afterwards lay down and have a drink together and speak about football.”

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