Business of HYPE with jeffstaple: Special Finance Q&A Episode


Business of HYPE is a uncover that centers around entrepreneurs and their paths to success. Often times, some of a many critical concerns when it comes to building your possess business are around financial investments. We beheld a series of incoming questions in a mailbox focused on this topic. So for this week’s episode, Jeff sits down with Liang Lee, a financial confidant during WestPac Wealth Partners.

It is critical to know where a income is flowing, as those choices foreordain a granular details, trimming from what home we live in, to how many sneakers we can buy. Liang starts with a basics, such as a clarification of financial autonomy and how to grasp it. He after answers questions per stocks, taxes, and high, middle and low risk investments.

So balance into this special Finance QA and learn some-more about some of a many critical decisions one can make in their life. Feel giveaway to strech out to Liang with any questions during [email protected] or give him a call during 808-695-2119.

As always, appreciate we for tuning into HYPEBEAST Radio and Business of HYPE. You can allow to a channel on Apple, Spotify or wherever else we get your podcasts. Feel giveaway to strike Jeff on Twitter, @jeffstaple, or around email during [email protected], and he might answer your doubt on a destiny episode.

Following relapse below:

5:05 – Where do we start when assisting someone grasp financial independence?
5:45 – What does financial autonomy mean?
7:29 – What are a categories of personal finance?
8:24 – What’s a clarification of any category?
14:36 – Why is insurance so critical for financial independence?
17:11 – What’s a best investment these days?
18:30 – What do we tell clients for investments outward of their business?
21:45 – What’s a good lapse on a stock?
23:33 – Which is some-more important: annual assets or investment returns?
25:41 – Why is it critical to variegate savings?
28:03 – Why is it critical to have a taxation plan prolonged term?

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