Business news – live: UK ‘must accept chlorinated chicken’ after Brexit US says, as British farmers advise of no-deal ‘decimation’


Britain contingency accept US food standards such as permitting chlorinated duck and genetically mutated crops as partial of any post-Brexit trade deal, a conduct of America’s absolute tillage run has said.

The comments from Zippy Duval, presiddent of a American Farm Bureau, to a BBC came as British farmers demanded a referendum on any Brexit deal, warning they face “decimation” if a UK crashes out of a EU but an agreement.

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Asda chief executive and boss Roger Burnley is unequivocally not happy about Brexit.

He says: “If ever a box investigate on a impact a mood of a republic has on UK spending habits were needed, this entertain has supposing it.

“Consumer certainty levels are during an roughly six-year low – due in no tiny partial to a ongoing doubt around Brexit and amplified by a impact of continue and tracking opposite inhabitant sporting events in a same duration final year.

“As a outcome a non-food business has been challenged during a period, however we’re confident that a food business has continued to perform good and a online expansion continues to overtake a market.”

Despite all this, Asda’s total sales were adult 1.3 per cent In a 3 months to 30 June.


* The EU, and third countries with that it has trade agreements, would immediately slap tariffs on food exports from a UK.

* Tariff-free imports of many rural products would have to be offering to non-EU countries as well, including a USA, Brazil and Australia – undermining domestic farming

* It would also be strike by new non-tariff barriers, including executive costs and limit checks to safeguard correspondence with EU food reserve and animal health regulations.

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