British Model Leomie Anderson Shares Her Ultimate Beauty Secrets


On dusk make-up

My go-to beauty demeanour has to be good brows and skin. For that, one of my favourite foundations is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. we adore it since it gives such a flawless finish and feels so light that we don’t even realize you’re wearing it. To request it evenly, we like to use a unequivocally feathery brush though unequivocally need to get into Beauty Blenders, learn a skills and ascent [my technique].

On avoiding exercise

I’m not unequivocally an practice lady since we don’t have time – it’s usually not my priority right now since my metabolism is good and my physique stays in shape. New samples from my sportswear code [Anderson founded LAPP in 2016] inspire me to get to a gym, though right now I’m watchful for some-more to come so we haven’t been for ages. That’s my excuse.

On flourishing her eyelashes

To grow my eyelashes we use this eyelash serum called Babe Lash that is accessible on Amazon, and it indeed does work. This is not a sponsored ad – we buy it! we adore it! You have to be unchanging with it; use it each day and we will notice a difference. Once we stopped regulating it, we was so unhappy since my lashes went behind to their aged size. we beheld such a difference.

On a ultimate physique skin hydrating trick

I have dual sole products that I’ve used forever: Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter churned with [Johnson’s] Baby Oil. Mixing a dual is a best, generally if we wish your legs to be intense though not oily. The cream is hydrating and a oil gives a bit of shine. If we usually use Baby Oil, after an hour your skin is behind to being lifeless and matte, so blending them is a ideal combination.

On how she improves her mood

I’m an zealous comparison shopper so if I’m in a down mood we start looking for unequivocally cold repository pieces online. we adore anticipating new (but old) pieces during good prices. we have bought a lot of Dior from 2000 and John Galliano accessories – necklaces, bracelets and we usually got a new bag. I’ve been carrying a unequivocally Dior impulse recently though I’m a unequivocally large fan of Chanel – comparison Chanel is what many of my collection is comprised of.

On a dishes to eat while travelling

When travelling, we consider a biggest cause is perplexing to find dishes that give we energy. we find that celebration miso soup before my cooking after entrance off a moody unequivocally helps [me to] equivalent jet loiter and get my appetite back, so we always suggest that. Drinking uninformed fruit extract helps as good since it keeps we hydrated and gives we a small bit of sugar, that is good if you’re feeling tired. If we have to go true from my moody to a job, I’ll always try and find some kind of extract somewhere since it always helps. we don’t unequivocally like coffee, so we try to find healthier alternatives.

On a ideal mouth gloss

I can go weeks though make-up if we am operative on my code and doing behind-the-scenes things – generally if we have lashes on. All we need are lashes and mouth gloss. we have a specific glossy mouth shimmer though I’m not revelation anyone what it is since it was sole out for dual months one time when we put it on my Instagram story – I’m articulate about each singular [branch of] Boots. we went for dual months true and it was always sole out. They usually only brought it behind and we bought 10 and they’re offered out again in some places so I’m frightened to tell anybody. An choice we unequivocally like is Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump – it was my go-to for many years until we found my new, secret, one.

On a skincare products she swears by

Using toner has unequivocally softened my skin – we adore Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Acid Toner – and we also adore SPF. It’s tough to contend a sole one since a lot of my creams already have it in there, though Kate Somerville’s environment mist [UncompliKated SPF Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray] has an SPF in it. we used it via Coachella that was good since it sets your make-up unequivocally well, though also gives we an SPF of 50.

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