Boxing has been transposed with eBoxing − starting with Muhammad Ali vs Evander Holyfield


Most sporting events have been close down due to a widespread of coronavirus, and fighting is no exception. However, a new eBoxing contest has been set adult to keep fans entertained and it will underline some of a many mythological names from a story of heavyweight boxing.

The initial hitch sees a late, good Muhammad Ali face off opposite Evander Holyfield. The likes of Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson are also concerned in a tournament.

Judging by a boxy graphics on uncover in a quarrel poster, fans will see a quarrel play out on and aged book of Fight Night, many expected a series’ many “recent” entry, 2011’s Fight Night Champion.

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The contest has been put together by people behind The World Boxing Super Series (WBSS), a contest that has regularly pitted some of a worlds tip fighters opposite any other in reality. Now, a eWBSS will see some fighting legends go toe-to-toe in cyberspace.

Fans can watch live on Facebook, (on possibly a Boxing Social channel, or a WBSS’s possess channel), with a initial hitch between Ali and Holyfield going live during 5pm GMT today, Mar 23.