BOCA RUDETON™: See People Without Facial Coverings? Send Us Pics, Videos


BOCA RATON, FL ( — We remind a readers that a always desired underline Boca Rudeton™ isn’t only for a selfish, entitled Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach people who move dogs into restaurants or supermarkets, or park their Tesla’s in 3 disabled spots during once. It’s for those untaught people who exclude to wear a mask, observant that it does zero to forestall them from constrictive COVID-19.

Facial coverings, of course, are to strengthen those around you.

But in loyal Boca style, there are lots of folks who only don’t care. We’re happy to display them!

Please send us photos of those who exclude to do a right thing.

In a park with open space? We have no problem with that. But if it’s a shopper in a supermarket, a server in a restaurant, a workman in a gym or any other place where a facial covering should be worn, snap a pic and send it a way.

The email: news (at)

And to those who are annoyed by this, priesthood that your “civil rights don’t finish where someone else’s fear begins,” or that we have a “constitutional right” to a beach or play golf (you don’t, incidentally), we remind we of this: there is no expectancy of remoteness in a open place!

Don’t wish to be seen here? Don’t be bold here.

Send your submissions to news(at) No need to problematic faces.

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