Blu Hydrangea is swelling a declaration of peace, love, and a small bit of shade


Blu Hydrangea’s story creatively seemed in i-D’s The Icons and Idols Issue, no. 359, Spring 2020. Order your duplicate here.

Despite a floral name, Blu Hydrangea is not your common or garden accumulation of timorous violet. Although that competence have been what viewers approaching of a baby-faced 24-year-old, when she initial seemed in a work room on a entrance array of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. One of a youngest queens on a uncover – that has, in one brief season, already garnered a cult following that a US reflection would be unequivocally unapproachable of – Blu was a warn dermatitis star, creation it all a approach to a quarter-final partial before finally being eliminated. She emerged as a frontrunner from a beginning. In a show’s initial episode, for a ‘hometown look’, Blu combined a demeanour formed on Belfast’s iconic Harland and Wolff cranes, from a docklands where a Titanic was built. A inventiveness with make-up and some critical styling skills authorised her to renovate herself over a weeks into all from a tellurian eyeball to a outrageous bruise silver (for a Queen Elizabeth-inspired challenge).

When we speak, a few months after a uncover has finished, Blu is exhausted. Not from filming or from branch looks, yet from a remarkable chaotic gait of post-show life. Still half-asleep, she’s enjoying one of her usually days off in between uninterrupted touring, gigs and meet-and-greets with fans. “Before this, we was doing all of that yet in one small bar in Belfast,” she tells me over a phone. “Now we’re doing it opposite a nation. So that’s flattering cool. It’s been a outrageous change. Nothing unequivocally prepares we for it.”

The energy and change of Drag Race, which, in 10 years, has left from being an indie strike to an general juggernaut, is such that Blu and a other UK queens have turn overnight celebrities. “Being given this height is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so we felt we had to pull brazen on a high standards that had been set by a drag queens who had come before us, and paved a approach for a new group of queers and LGBTQ+ kids, to make it improved for them,” Blu says. “It’s what people have finished for me so we wanted to do it for destiny generations.”

If it sounds like a lot of pressure, that’s given it is. It’s also a lot of fun, and a distant cry from Blu’s pre-show life. Alongside behaving in drag dual or 3 nights a week in Belfast, Blu worked during a make- adult opposite in a selling centre. Despite being a fan of a uncover given a pregnancy – when it aired she was hardly in delegate propagandize – Blu, whose genuine name is Joshua Cargill, usually started doing drag in aspiring after dropping out of university. “I was a baby of a Ru generation,” she explains. “But as we grew adult we was fearful to try out drag for myself. we didn’t wish to confuse myself. Then we forsaken out of an animation grade and met my partner. The march wasn’t for me – everybody was so rival and we usually wanted to suffer myself and be happy. So we forsaken out and my partner sealed me adult for a make-up course, and from there it was a downhill turn into Blu Hydrangea!”

Named after a flowers in her granny’s garden – her family have always been entirely understanding of her life as Blu – a drag artist captivated, repelled and happy everybody who watched a show. Despite being primarily billed as an Instagram influencer and “look””queen”, she showed a deliciously countercultural and risqué side to her drag. Whether she was creation RuPaul crow as a foul-mouthed Mary Berry in a Snatch diversion or formulating an already iconic swat for a undoubted crack “Break Up (Bye Bye)”, Blu valid she was anything yet a one-dimensional Instagram star. “When we went on a uncover we was usually a shell,” she says. “I was a outward of a drag black ideally yet a inside indispensable a bit of work. Then, via a array and since, I’ve turn campier and smuttier, yet still with a face of an angel. we like to startle people with my jokes and afterwards demeanour like butter wouldn’t melt. That’s usually Northern Irish humour though. People on a uncover suspicion ‘oh, Blu’s awful shady’ yet that’s usually being from Northern Ireland, that’s a humour, we know? Nobody is safe!”

The usually Irish black to ever contest within a RuPaul’s Drag Race uncover universe, she also used her height on a programme to gleam a light on issues in her homeland. “I was wakeful that Northern Ireland wasn’t a partial of a review within a village and in a UK,” Blu says of her educational counterpart talks in a work room. It was usually while a array was being aired that same-sex matrimony was legalized in Northern Ireland, and Blu spoke emphatically about this to audiences, revelation viewers in an romantic debate about how she was incompetent to marry her partner. Unapologetically political, she was quite adverse of a DUP, an ultra-conservative celebration who had consistently blocked introducing equal matrimony rights to Northern Ireland. During a Pride opening in Belfast final year, before appearing on a show, Blu achieved a jubilant mouth sync to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” with a direct for “full equality”. The opening enclosed audio of several internal politicians’ homophobic views, where they described happy people as “disgusting” and “an abomination”.

“I consider there’s still a lot of work to be done,” Blu says of a new advances in tellurian rights behind home. “I mean, a supervision is a shambles, yet we always contend a people in Northern Ireland aren’t contemplative of a government. People are so welcoming, so poetic and accepting, they don’t caring who we are or what your credentials is. They usually wish to contend ‘What’s a craic?’, have a good time and find out all about you. But some people are stranded in a past, in a days of a Troubles; they still trust we need to be a Protestant or a Catholic, that we still need to be true and get married to a lady and live your life like that. Just to be means to open a few eyes – that’s what my stability debate after Drag Race is.”

And that debate is usually beginning. Along with a stream debate with her co-stars, Blu is scheming to make her approach to Australia to perform on a other side of a world. She’s also buzzing to perform for her silent and father live for a unequivocally initial time (and gripping an eye on All Stars UK announcements with fingers resolutely crossed). Throughout it all, though, she’s swelling a Blu Hydrangea declaration of peace, adore and a small bit of shade.

“I wish to uncover people that I’m usually a tellurian being,” she concludes. “I’m usually perplexing to live my life a approach we wish to and to welcome a ethos of ‘live and let live’, we know? Let people be who they wanna be, live how they wanna live, adore who they wanna adore especially. Nobody should be means to stop we being happy.”


Photography Scott Gallagher
Photography assistance Ryan McStravick.
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Special interjection Chan Photographic and Olin Brannigan.

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