Best Xbox 2 Games: What we’d adore to see on Project Scarlett


Microsoft hasn’t had a strongest library of exclusives this generation. The Xbox One stumbled out of a embankment with a polarizing repute and usually a handful of blockbusters to transparent picking one up. This softened rather with a few informed faces such as Gears of War and Halo picking adult a slack, though large-scale cancellations left many fans hugely disheartened. 

Now, things are starting to change, with Microsoft holding on fan feedback and building adult a repertoire of first-party developers to safeguard it doesn’t make a same mistakes again. Obsidian Entertainment, Playground Games and Ninja Theory are usually a few names now underneath a Xbox banner, spelling a unequivocally splendid destiny for what’s to come. 

Trusted Reviews has gathered a list of a best Xbox 2 games, either they be strictly confirmed, intensity rumours or tiny some-more than a wink in a eyes. They’re all here, so examination on to find out out. 

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Gears 5

Gears 6

Developer: The Coalition

Release Date: TBA

The fifth complement in this ultra-violent shooter array has usually usually arrived, behaving as a center section in a new story set within a Gears universe. However, it once again ends on a satirical cliffhanger, throwing a doors open for a unavoidable attainment of Gears 6 on Xbox 2. 

Nothing has been reliable by The Coalition, though a supplement in this array is laughably obvious, and will no doubt make a dash on Microsoft’s new console. Gears 5 introduced a deeper concentration on story and a handful of initial open-world elements that authorised players to try a outrageous star completing discretionary quests. 

It was exciting, nonetheless could unequivocally use some refining. If The Coalition can utilize softened record to continue this dauntless evolution, we’re in for an comprehensive treat. 

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Cyberpunk 2077 

Cyberpunk 2077

Developer: CD Projekt Red

Release Date: April 16, 2020

Whenever Cyberpunk 2077 has been showcased to a ubiquitous open on a star stage, it has been given a assisting palm by Xbox. It’s reveal  “hacked” a press discussion while a mythological proclamation of Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhands had a Microsoft Theatre assembly losing their minds. Trust us, we were there. 

It was a smashing moment, and an indicator of a low attribute between these dual companies. So, chances are, if Cyberpunk 2077 ever comes to Xbox 2, it will demeanour positively gorgeous. CD Projekt Red has already reliable that a arriving RPG will scale good with destiny technology, so maybe we’ll see an extended pier or ‘GOTY Edition’ in a entrance years. Either way, we can't wait to finally play it. 

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Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires 4

Developer: Relic Entertainment

Release Date: TBA

Relic Entertainment has been scarcely still on a state of Age of Empires 4 recently, given it was initial denounced several years ago. Fortunately, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer reliable recently that a subsequent section in a dear RTS array is still in development.

Little else is famous about Age of Empires 4 over a glimpses we’ve had from a exhibit trailer – and that includes races, gameplay mechanics and how accurately it will enhance on a long-running formula. Here’s anticipating we’ll see some-more before a year is up.

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halo infinite

Halo Infinite

Developer: 343 Industries

Release Date: Winter 2020

It’s been roughly 4 years given a recover of Halo 5: Guardians, that is a prolonged deficiency from Master Chief and company, generally when The Reclaimer Trilogy stays unsolved after a truly epic cliffhanger. Cortana has left rogue, holding control of UNSC systems opposite a galaxy. Oh, and she’s found another Halo ring, definition she could move a whole star down with her if Chief, Arbiter and friends don’t stop her before it’s too late.

According to 343 Industries, Halo Infinite will continue this story, notwithstanding not being a numbered entrance in a franchise. It’s streamer in a new direction, aiming to etch wider environments and some-more desirous mechanics all done probable by Slipstream Engine. Chances are you’ll be teaming adult with friends, holding on missions and finally final a account we’ve been watchful years to see come to fruition. It’s time to finish a fight.

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Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2

Developer: Double Fine

Release Date: 2020

Double Fine is nonetheless another studio that has been picked adult by Microsoft in a array of high-profile acquisitions, introducing a creator of Grim Fandango, Brutal Legend and large other classics into a Xbox family. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Psychonauts 2 is finally on a environment with skeleton to enhance on a cult classical strange though losing hold with what done it so special in a initial place.

Players can pattern fun, initial platforming, well-written characters and a huge, quirky star to try around Psychonauts 2. It’s a supplement we honestly never suspicion would emerge, though interjection to a assistance of dedicated fans and Microsoft, it’s finally entrance true. Given it’s set to recover in 2020, we wouldn’t be too astounded if Double Fine skilfully lips a arriving supplement onto Xbox 2 for good measure.

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assassin's creed odyssey

Assassin’s Creed 2020

Developer: Ubisoft

Release Date: TBA

Following in a footsteps of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, a subsequent entrance in Ubisoft’s open-world array is rumoured to take players to a star of a Vikings, a civilization a authorization hasn’t unequivocally overwhelmed on before. Its existence was initial unclosed in The Division 2 as players beheld some in-game art featuring Pieces of Eden, renouned objects in a science of Assassin’s Creed.

Kotaku exclusively reliable a provoke to be Assassin’s Creed related, providing us with a initial glance during what could be a subsequent era of chronological parkour stabbing simulators. If The Viking environment rings true, we’ll once again see movement holding place opposite a seas, while also exploring a accumulation of sprawling islands, settlements and other pleasing landscapes. The large doubt is – will it be a launch pretension for Xbox 2?

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Best Xbox 2 Games

Forza Motorsport 8

Developer: Turn 10 Studios

Release Date: TBA

We’re job it now – Forza Motorsport 8 will be a flagship launch pretension for Xbox 2. Playground Games’ Forza Horizon array and a some-more normal motorsport sim routinely disseminate any year, charity Xbox players a deep, formidable knowledge to penetrate their teeth into. In 2019, thing are a bit different, with Forza Motorsport holding a break, expected in preperation for a subsequent era of consoles.

There’s zero improved for display off a new console than a racing title, generally if a car models are shiny, top-of-the-line and staid to take advantage of Xbox 2’s ray tracing technology. With a different operation of environments we can pattern this being abolutely gorgeous, and a ideal approach to christen in a new console from Microsoft. We had some reservations with a final installment, so hopefully Turn 10 Studios will take feedback in a walk and qualification something truly special.

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Viva Pinata

Viva Pinata 3

Developer: N/A

Release Date: A mystery

I’ve been holding out for a fully-fledged threequel in a Viva Pinata array for over a decade now. The absurdly addictive knowledge saw we restoring a garden, recruiting a examination of darling pinatas into a middle as we went. Developers Rare unequivocally struck a chord with this classic, interesting dozens of hours from a actor as they planted grass, bred pinatas and done their symbol in a splendidly charming world.

Viva Pinata and a surprisingly desirous supplement still demeanour gorgeous, and I’m gutted they haven’t perceived a some-more strong 4K refurbish on Xbox One X. The art pattern binds adult remarkably, so with a tiny debonair it could demeanour like a complicated title. But a finish supplement would be even better, showcasing accurately what Rare does best, generally given a lukewarm accepting perceived by Sea of Thieves.


Elder Scrolls 6

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Release Date: TBA

When Bethesda initial announced Elder Scrolls 6 it was transparent a dear RPG series’ subsequent section was tiny some-more than a few desirous thoughts in a developer’s minds. It was impossibly early in production, being willed into existence by a barebones exhibit trailer showcasing a anticipation environment we’ve nonetheless to put a fingers on. But, during a finish of a day, we know it’s coming. Eventually…

Platforms are nonetheless to be reliable for Elder Scrolls 6, though we consider it’s a rather protected gamble to assume that Xbox 2 will be on that list once recover rolls around. We can pattern it regulating on an upgraded chronicle of Bethesda’s stream record braggadocio a larger, some-more desirous star filled with characters and quests to discover. It has large boots to fill after a blockbuster that was Skyrim, though Bethesda some-more than has a extraction to accommodate these expectations.

Fable 4

Developer: Playground Games

Release Date: TBA

After a hapless closure of Lionhead Studios and a termination of Fable Legends, a authorization has been left to tumble divided silently, and many fans pronounced farewell to what was once one of a excellent examples of western RPGs in a medium. Microsoft done some bad decisions with a series, though it if rumours ring true, it could be set to make justification in some illusory ways.

While now unconfirmed with a difference of a few impertinent hints, Fable 4 is pronounced to be in growth during Playground Games, who readers competence know as a creators of Forza Horizon. For years, a studio has garnered a repute for absurdly gratifying open-world racing experiences, and now it’s branch a courtesy to a distant some-more desirous effort.

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