Best tonka bean fragrances for men


We relapse where tonka bean comes from, what it smells like, and a best men’s fragrances that go large on tonka bean

Tonka bean is a seed of a catchily named Dipteryx odorata tree, or Coumarouna odorata, that is because it is also famous as coumarin – a chemical besiege that is used in perfumery. It’s local to South and Central America and a common part in many fragrances. Its use dates behind to a late 19th Century, and a categorical producers currently are Nigeria and Venezuela. This edible, shrivelled black bean has a honeyed aroma that is mostly likened to almond or vanilla, with undertones of tobacco, that can lend a creamy, comfortable component to a incense composition. The initial benevolence of a tonka bean is mostly offset out by uninformed or immature elements in a combination such as bergamot, lavender, vetiver or mint.

Tonka bean is an essential part in both fougère and oriental character fragrances (typically in a bottom or heart records that means it comes out in a dry down) and, with a difference of normal citrus formed cologne, it’s substantially benefaction in many of a ‘men’s’ fragrances that we own.

Below is a preference of a best new and classical men’s fragrances accessible right now that go large on a bean. And if we wish a broader preference of the favourite aftershaves and eau de toilettes? Take a demeanour during GQ’s 2019 incense guide.

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