Best intelligent speakers 2020: Smarten adult your home


Best intelligent speakers 2020: Smart speakers concede we to tide song from Spotify and Tidal; speak to them nonetheless a sorcery of voice assistants; and control other intelligent inclination in a home. No matter how we demeanour during it, they’re quick apropos a permanent tie in a home.

Some intelligent speakers are tiny; some are huge. Plus, communication with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri means that a outrageous tie of information is usually a voice authority away.

But not all intelligent speakers are equal. Some models offer good smarts, yet sound peculiarity can be left wanting. Others might sound terrific, yet their intelligent capabilities aren’t adult to scratch. So that are a best intelligent speakers available, and that will best fit your needs? Our downright list, and links to full reviews, will assistance we to make your home only that bit smarter.

  • Best altogether intelligent speaker: Sonos One
  • Best Echo intelligent speaker: Amazon Echo 3rd Gen
  • Best sounding Echo speaker: Amazon Echo Studio
  • Best looking intelligent speaker: Samsung AKG VL5
  • Best bedroom intelligent speaker: Amazon Echo Dot with Clock
  • Best intelligent Wi-Fi speaker: Netgear Orbi Voice
  • Best intelligent home speaker: Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen
  • Best Google Home speaker: Google Nest Mini
  • Best AirPlay 2 speaker: Apple HomePod
  • Best inexpensive intelligent speaker: Sony LF-S50G

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Sonos One

1. Sonos One

Smart, with good sound


  • Great sound
  • Small and convenient
  • Proper Alexa integration
  • Supports Google Assistant


  • Alexa not entirely concordant with Spotify during launch

The Sonos One slots orderly into an existent Sonos set up, providing multi-room capabilities as good as support for voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Diminutive in distance yet large in sound, a One generates a full-range sound yet blank a beat. If you’re after a watchful section that will fit simply into any room, one that offers all a smarts yet scrimping on audio quality, afterwards a Sonos One is a full package.

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Amazon Echo 3rd Gen tighten up

2. Amazon Echo 3rd Gen

Best-value intelligent orator for music


  • Improved sound
  • Same cost as a prior model
  • Great colour choices


  • The cheaper Echo Dot might accommodate your needs

The Echo 3rd Gen doesn’t comes with a Zigbee heart – yet if we have no seductiveness in what that is, afterwards it’s doubtful to be a outrageous miss. The Echo 3rd Gen was one of a initial Alexa speakers from Amazon to evacuate pretty decent sound, displaying punchy drum and a true adequate high-end that ensures listening to a Echo is frequency a chore.

Audio opening can even be increased by formulating a stereo span with twin units, or one Echo 3rd Gen and an Echo Plus 2nd Gen. Considering how many it costs, a Echo 3rd Gen is something of a bargain.

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3. Amazon Echo Studio

The best-sounding Echo speaker


  • Weighty drum and large sound
  • Alexa is terrific
  • Dolby Atmos 3D
  • Synergy with other Echo/Fire TV products
  • Good value for a price


  • Not as nuanced in a mid-range or treble
  • Bass can be overpowering
  • Weighs a tonne

The Echo Studio can play Dolby Atmos song and Hi-Res Audio. The concentration on a reward sound knowledge during an affordable cost creates it a best-sounding Echo orator nonetheless – yet it isn’t flawless.

For one, there isn’t a outrageous volume of 3D audio for a Echo Studio to take advantage of, nor does all of it work good in 3D. Factor in a bassy sound and a Echo Studio can sound overcooked. But a Dolby Atmos 3D does work, and a series of facilities and flexibility it offers (you can use it as a TV speaker) make for a good speaker.

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4. Samsung AKG VL5

Detailed, room-filling sound

AKG VL550 Wireless Smart Speaker




  • Big, room-filling sound
  • Precise and minute delivery
  • Effective intelligent app


  • Pricey

The Samsung AKG VL5 is a fantastic-looking speaker, with an aluminium physique that’s complemented by a timber finish. Control of a section is easy: it’s operated by a Moving Dial, that we can detach from a orator and lift with you.

It delivers a big, open soundstage, with a accurate and minute delivery. Our categorical censure during a time of examination was a large £600 cost tag, yet it’s now accessible for rebate than £200.

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Amazon Echo Dot with Clock clock

5. Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Best value intelligent orator for a bedroom


  • Useful time display
  • Loud and transparent audio for speech
  • Looks great


  • Not ideal for music
  • Display doesn’t uncover notifications

With a Clock we get a advantages of a stream Echo Dot, that offers neat looks and absolute audio for speech, alongside a preference of a time on a front, it’s an ideal bedside companion.

For an audio orator we can do better, yet for a size, a Echo Dot with Clock’s sound peculiarity is impressively shrill and clear. If you’re looking to get a intelligent complement adult and running, a Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is a good proceed to confederate Alexa into your home.

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Netgear Orbi Voice hero

6. Netgear Orbi Voice

Wi-Fi extender, Alexa and orator in one


  • Excellent multiple of Wi-Fi and intelligent speaker
  • Great Wi-Fi performance
  • High-quality audio


  • Alexa has placed stipulations on this system

The Netgear Orbi Voice is expected to be a unknown section in this list. It serves a twin purposes, with it filigree Wi-Fi record fluctuating Wi-Fi in a home, it also bundles Alexa voice control and a sound complement by Harman Kardon.

All this works out to be a manly combination. The Orbi Voice is a orator that’s easy to listen to, offers copiousness of bass, and can fill a good-sized room with ease. The categorical emanate with a Orbi Voice is one that’s out of a control: Amazon’s diagnosis of third-party inclination means we can’t use Alexa to voice-call nor set adult a section within a organisation of speakers.

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Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) side

7. Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen

A high-quality intelligent speaker

Trusted Reviews Live Prices


  • Smart new looks
  • Decent audio
  • Useful intelligent home heart and heat sensor


  • Limited series of upheld intelligent home devices

The strange Echo Plus valid hit-and-miss when it came to performance. The Echo Plus 2nd Gen, that sports a new look, is many improved.

Bass is thumping and a high-end true – nonetheless a mid-range suffers from application and a miss of subtlety. It isn’t a orator that could strech a heights of an Apple, Audio Pro or Sonos, yet a opening means a a intensity of a Echo Plus is over during a second time of asking.

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Google Nest Mini side view

8. Google Nest Mini

A slight alleviation over a original


  • Wall-mount option
  • Simple hold controls
  • Speech sounds softened interjection to softened bass


  • Few improvements over a original
  • No 3.5mm audio jack

The Google Nest Mini speaks to peaceful expansion rather than evolution. The further of a wall-mounting choice provides some-more leisure per placement, and softened drum response creates a section a better-sounding orator than a original.

It still isn’t a many ideal for listening, with tinny and oppressive tones during a top-end; we’d place a Google Nest Mini some-more in a difficulty of intelligent orator than a genuine wireless speaker. For those with a strange Mini, this doesn’t offer adequate to aver an upgrade. For all those who are new to intelligent orator game, though, a Home Mini is a best tiny Google Assistant speaker.

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Apple HomePod

9. Apple HomePod

One for iOS users only


  • Stunning sound quality
  • Clever spatial awareness
  • Handsome looks


  • Siri isn’t that smart
  • Frustrating software
  • Restricted to Apple users

If you’re an iOS owners who’s entirely enthralled in a Apple ecosystem and value good audio afterwards a HomePod is second to none. At launch a cost was a stumbling block, yet a rebate means this section is now somewhat some-more fair – nonetheless it stays significantly some-more costly than a peers.

It’s a best-sounding intelligent orator out there, with a warm, expanded sound that’s transparent as good as divulgence copiousness of detail. Siri isn’t a smartest of voice assistants, and you’ll expected humour from Apple’s wall-garden approach. This is one for Apple lovers.

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Sony LF-S50G Smart Speaker

10. Sony LF-S50G

One of a prettier intelligent speakers


  • Attractive design
  • Splash-proof
  • Clock display
  • Gesture controls


  • Sound isn’t amazing
  • Gesture controls

This orator came out during a time when intelligent speakers weren’t ubiquitous. It’s been outmatched by others for facilities and performance, yet a stream cost means it can be had for a neat sum.

While a sound can be categorised as only fine, a sound is bigger than a speaker’s status suggests; a room-filling inlet means there’s no normal sweet-spot that we need mount in. With an appealing pattern and gesticulate controls, a Sony is value auditioning.

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