Best Simpsons episodes post-2000 (that we substantially haven’t seen yet)


D’oh! We’re in lockdown, with zero though a launch of Disney Plus to lift a spirits. Luckily, a friends from Springfield have been by this all before (see The Simpsons Movie) and are on a new streaming use to beam us by these tough times. We know we consider you’ve seen all of a good episodes from a show’s golden epoch in a 1990s, though there’s been copiousness of large hitters given a Millennium round forsaken too. Add Simpsons episodes these to your watch list now…

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1. ‘Trilogy Of Error’ (S12) 

Linguo – a grammar-correcting drudge combined by Lisa for her scholarship plan and now damaged by Homer after he pours drink down a throat – is a star of a show, though a Rashomon-style account structure, with 3 opposite characters’ days converging, make this a unconditionally gratifying part of comic perfection. The highlight? Lisa stumbling into an unknown propagandize and a French category who giggle during her and are afterwards reprimanded by their Gallic-stereotype clergyman who instructs them to giggle during her “en Francais”, that they do.

2. ‘The Frying Game’ (S13)

Arguably a best part from a final consistently clever Simpsons series, “The Frying Game” offers an judicious critique of existence TV culminating in a gorgeous culmination that riffs on a classical tropes of Warner Bros jailhouse movies. Homer sits in a electric chair available his predestine when what seems to be a last-minute postpone instead sees his executioner declare, “The Governor says, he hopes you’re a twitcher.” One of a excellent 10 seconds in Simpsons’ history.

3. ‘I (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot’ (S15)

Slapstick was good adequate for a silent-era clowns and The Simpsons has reinvented it for a epoch that suspicion it passé. It’s here in contentment as Homer attempts to win Bart’s adore by disguising himself as Chief Knock-A-Homer in a Robot Wars-style contest. But when Homer faces genocide in a final during a hands of Professor Frink’s creation, and reveals himself as human, a drudge obeys Asimov’s initial law of robotics and will not harm him. Slapstick, though with an MSc.

4. ‘Brick Like Me’ (S25)

There is something profoundly unsettling about saying The Simpsons’ characters outward their informed milieu, that is one of a reasons because many episodes set in a destiny with grown-up versions of Bart and Lisa tumble flat. That and a fact that no one wants to suppose Bart as a masculine stripper. So to describe an whole part in Lego form was a outrageous risk, though one brilliantly executed. From a impulse Maggie is seen in Duplo – and therefore bigger than everybody else – we knew it would work.

5. ‘Sweet And Sour Marge’ (S13)

One of a show’s fast strengths is a abyss and operation of a characters, nowhere shown to larger outcome than in this part when Springfield rises adult as one after Marge successfully campaigns to have sugarine criminialized from a town. Rapid-fire steer gags mix with facilely gangling discourse while Gil, as an amateurish counsel channelling Glengarry-era Jack Lemmon, is an stark delight.

6. ‘Moe Baby Blues’ (S14)

The undiscerning and impractical inlet of a host was a absolute repeated thesis in a show’s golden epoch (remember a building of a monorail?) and it’s revisited beautifully here when Moe – on a indicate of committing self-murder – saves Maggie’s life and is remade from amicable renegade to hero. Naturally, Moe blows it, though not before revelation Maggie a plots of both Godfather films (including Moe Greene’s assassination) as a bedtime story. Extra outlines too for a Spike Lee pretension reference.

7. ‘Sex Pies And Idiot Scrapes’ (S20)

Any coming from a crazy Irish pixie is always acquire and, certain enough, his cameo here – a fistic confront with his equally aroused Ulster reflection that sparks a St Patrick’s Day demonstration – triggers a classical part wherein Homer and Ned Flanders group adult as annuity hunters while Marge works as an amorous baker. Plot and impression in ideal harmony.

8. ‘Eternal Moonshine Of The Simpson Mind’ (S19)

While The Simpsons has always parodied cocktail culture, a grade of indolence has entered a routine in new years, as if anxiety alone to contemporary enlightenment – reduction any explanation – is estimable of a applause. This episode, by contrast, works overtime to mix references to Eternal Sunshine, Memento and It’s A Wonderful Life into a constrained story of Homer awaking to find his memory of a prior 24 hours vacant while Marge sports an unexplained black eye. The darker turf inspires some superb storytelling while never forgetful a gags.

9. ‘The Seemingly Never-Ending Story’ (S17)

Another instance of The Simpsons’ account mastery, this is a array 17 writers room display that they can erect a Swiss watch of a story each bit as good as prior generations. That it also reveals Snake’s backstory as an archaeologist with a unhelpful surname of Jailbird is only an combined joy. For Simpsons’ diehards, a pretension recalls a Lionel Hutz justice box mentioned in array 4 and this part could reason a possess in that era.

10. ‘24 Minutes’ (S18)

The uncover has a extensive lane record of delivering episodes ripping with relentless appetite and awake account – see “Trilogy Of Error” in this list and “22 Short Films About Springfield”, source of a now entire “steamed hams” meme – so it’s no widen for it to replicate a kinetic movement of a Fox stablemate in this beautifully rendered episode-long spoof. Indeed, a formidable array of events, culminating in Martin delivering a wedgie on himself, advise a show’s writers could have lent Jack Bauer’s organisation a palm with their plotting.

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