Best Philips Hue Apps


In a universe of intelligent lights, Philips Hue is still a undisputed tip dog. Despite an ever-growing series of other lighting brands encroaching on a territory, Hue has continued to enhance and develop to stay ahead. And now that a whole operation supports Bluetooth, it’s never been cheaper or easier to burst aboard a Hue bandwagon.

But there’s so many some-more to try over Hue’s possess products and apps; this is a flattering open ecosystem, and there are copiousness of third-party apps and integrations that do engaging things with Hue’s lighting and accessories. Here are a best Philips Hue apps to make your lights some-more fun and dynamic.


A outrageous library of energetic scenes, including a mode that syncs your lights to your music

OnSwitch is one of a Philips Hue apps

OnSwitch works with both Hue and Lifx bulbs, so if you’re someone with both those brands, afterwards this could be one of a best Philips Hue apps for you. All a elementary controls are during your fingertips, though it’s a library of scenes that make this app mount out. From candlelight scenes to jellyfish (hey, we do you; we’re not judging) there are heaps to name from. The app is constantly updated with new themes to stay relevant, with a Super Bowl and Chinese New Year, both new additions.

Some are doubtful to get many use – we’re not certain how many people wish to have their lights and speakers embrace a German military car, though it’s an option. The app is flattering easy to use overall, nonetheless it sports a somewhat disorderly interface.

There are some scenes accessible for free, though you’ll need to cough adult a monthly cost of £3.99 for a reward tier to clear a whole catalogue. Alternatively, we can buy a reward scenes à la carte, though usually keep an eye on how many you’re spending. There’s a 7-day giveaway hearing if we wish a ambience of a ongoing paid tier.


Moves over customary lighting with practice that mix audio with a light show

hueDynamic is one of a Philips Hue apps

One of a comprehensive favourite Hue apps right now is hueDynamic, that is jam-packed with facilities for your setup. There are “experiences” that mix lights with sound and can be churned and matched. “Ambiences” emanate scenes formed on photos (and are stored on a bridge, so we don’t have to keep replicating them). There’s a Disco mode and even a underline that lets we indicate your phone during a TV to emanate scene-fitting energetic lighting.

You can embody a same lights in mixed groups and control lights on mixed bridges during once – super-handy!

It’s a flattering estimable package, and many is accessible for giveaway – nonetheless you’ll need to ascent to a paid Pro chronicle to mislay time boundary on certain practice and clear facilities such as modernized Hue Dap and Dimmer programming.


A easier approach to control your lights than a customary Hue app provides

Huemote is one of a Philips Hue apps

Huemote is one of a simplest and many candid Hue apps around, providing a discerning and easy dashboard of all your Hue intelligent lights. It creates changing tuber colours or adjusting liughtness super-easy, and we can even control groups and scenes from a lock-screen regulating a Today widget.

You can build groups and control adult to 16 lights during any time, with a ability to organize bulbs and groups as we wish.

If we have a lot of Hue lights and bedrooms in your home, a Huemote app offers a good approach to perspective a standing of all your lights on one screen. Highly endorsed for anyone who wants to facilitate their Hue knowledge as many as possible. There’s even an Apple Watch app.


An Android disdainful that creates it light work of determining your lights

quickhue is usually accessible on Android

Exclusive to Android, QuickHue adds a Hue idol to your Android’s Quick Settings, permitting we to spin your lights on and off with a tap. It’s that simple.

The elementary chronicle is giveaway and provides a singular tile, while a $1.99/£1.99 Pro chronicle gives we adult to six. Try a giveaway chronicle and see how we get on, though for Android users, this app comes entirely endorsed as one of a Best Philips Hue apps. A genuine time-saver.

Hue Disco

The Best Philips Hue app for party-lovers

HueDisco is one of a Philips Hue apps

One for a party-lovers. The Hue Disco app uses your phone’s microphone to renovate sounds into a light show. It isn’t totally random, either: we can name a themed colour-set for a app to work from, and tweak settings such as transition times, how splendid we wish a lights, and how mostly we wish to see opposite colours. There’s a strobe setting, too, that also lets we build a tradition colour theme.

We also like how we can adjust a microphone attraction and overpower showing to control how a lights respond to sound.

There’s adequate here for a good time – though it will cost you. The app costs £3.99 to download, creation it one of a some-more costly options on this list; though it means we get a full apartment of facilities right away.


An impossibly absolute approach to control your lights, though it’s for iOS only

iConnectHue is usually accessible on iOS

If we’re usually counting features, a iOS-only iConnectHue competence be a many achieved on a list. It has a £5.99 up-front cost, though for a money, you’re removing an app that’s congested with new ways to use your Hue lights. Better yet, it’s intensely good discriminating and frequently updated.

Creating animations is super-easy, and there’s an considerable turn of abyss to a customisation. Features embody intelligent timers, and something called “Magic Scenes” – an easy, fun apparatus for building tradition gradients and deploying them opposite rooms.

The switch and suit sensor editor is unequivocally great, too, creation it easy to allot several scenes to opposite buttons and triggers.

It also now offers Siri Shortcut support, vouchsafing we govern scenes but opening a app during all. Overall, a favourite app on this list – usually a contrition it isn’t accessible on Android.

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