Best Game Consoles: It’s not only about Xbox and PlayStation


What is a best diversion console?

With a resurgence of Nintendo and a presentation of diversion streaming, there’s frequency been such an annoyance of cache when it comes to selecting a best diversion consoles accessible to buy right now.

Along with a far-reaching accumulation opposite manufacturers, a introduction of “Pro” and “Lite” versions of consoles have given consumers a larger choice than ever before.

These new versions of existent consoles have also arrived alongside a introduction of new categories. Lightweight diversion streaming is now charity with a likes of Google Stadia and GeForce Now, while a success of diversion subscription use Xbox Games Pass has given players some-more flexibility.

Streaming services competence good be a future, though there’s still zero like a disturb of removing your hands on a bit of gaming console kit. Read on for a roundup of a best diversion consoles available, including an choice choice for a PC-heads out there.

  • Best PlayStation diversion console for 4K: PS4 Pro
  • Best value PlayStation diversion console: PS4
  • Best Xbox diversion console for 4K: Xbox One X
  • Best value Xbox diversion console: Xbox One S
  • Best bill diversion console: Xbox One S All-Digital Edition
  • Best Nintendo diversion console: Nintendo Switch
  • Best diversion console on-the-go gaming: Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Best diversion console for streaming: Nvidia Shield TV
  • Best mini diversion console: Nintendo Classic Mini SNES
  • Best diversion console alternative: Gaming PC

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PS4 Pro

1. PS4 Pro

The best (and only) 4K PlayStation experience





  • Most comprehensive PlayStation experience
  • Gorgeous 4K and HDR graphics
  • Enhancements for PS4 and PSVR games


  • Can get loud
  • Not value it though 4K TV

The PS4 Pro was Sony’s initial incursion into 4K gaming and, wow, was it a strong initial step. The transition came during a time that authorised new console owners to knowledge a beautiful God of War and overwhelming Assassin’s Creed: Origins shortly after.

The multiple of a stellar lineup of games and conspicuous forward-facing graphical record creates a PS4 Pro a loyal contender for one of a best diversion consoles we can buy right now.

While a console charity some overwhelming visuals for games done to take advantage of a new tech, a PS4 Pro also charity visible improvements to some existent games – severely fluctuating a benefits.

With PS5 set to pull a PlayStation regulation even further, a PS4 Pro placed a association on a good balance with a success of a generation-leading exclusives.

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ps4 slim

2. PS4

The best bang-for-your-buck Sony console

New Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Slim 500GB Black UK PAL Latest Version Games Console




  • Unrivalled diversion library
  • Super affordable
  • Comfortable wireless controller
  • Support for all of a best video streaming apps


  • Lacks 4K support
  • Approaching finish of life cycle
  • PlayStation Now bad value compared to Xbox Games Pass

While a PS4 Pro pushed a bounds of this console generation, a burst didn’t make clarity for everybody – generally for those though a 4K TV – enter a PS4 (Slim).

With a new Slim model, Sony ever-so-slightly rested a strange pattern – with a cleaner and some-more dull demeanour for a new default PS4.

The PS4 offers all a gaming fad of PlayStation’s epic diversion library though though a increasing cost of a new Pro model. The console stays a good choice for those wanting in Sony’s ecosystem though violation a bank.

New Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Slim 500GB Black UK PAL Latest Version Games Console



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Xbox One X

3. Xbox One X

The 4K Microsoft powerhouse

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Bundle




  • Gorgeous 4K visuals
  • Quiet running
  • Improves opening in some games


  • Quality of graphics enhancements change by game
  • Small and delayed tough disk
  • Relatively high price

In a center of this era of consoles, Sony had a PS4 Pro while Microsoft dished adult a Xbox One X – a console with huge graphical opening and opposition for a tip mark among a best diversion consoles.

The Xbox One X supposing 4K and HDR visuals for a games in a package that Microsoft touts as “the world’s many comprehensive console”. Similar to a PS4 Pro, a One X also charity improvements for past Xbox One games rather than only newer optimised ones.

Microsoft managed to tip a Sony rivals when it comes to sound too. While a Xbox One X fans run sincerely still on average, a Sony-equivalent seems to be scheming to take off – mostly in a many pointless of scenarios.

With Sony ostensible to be focusing on SSD speeds for a PS5, a Xbox Series X looks like it could lift over a Xbox One X layer of being a many comprehensive console in a universe – an sparkling time for power-hungry Xbox fans.

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Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Bundle



Xbox One S

4. Xbox One S

The best value Xbox console we can buy

Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Console




  • 4K diversion upscaling
  • It’s a inexpensive UHD Blu-ray player
  • Improved, grippy controller


  • No local 4K for games

The Xbox One S is one of a most-affordable and bursting-with-value best diversion consoles on this list – a console that comes closest to achieving Microsoft’s vital room focused prophesy for a strange Xbox One.

Putting aside a gaming for one moment, a Xbox One S acts as a fantastically inexpensive 4K Blu-ray actor – charity value opposite dedicated front players even if it didn’t play games too.

For games, it does a good pursuit for a low price. You’ll get appreciative 1080p visuals and, even, 4K upscaling to give high-end TV owners a bit of a boost.

The Xbox One S is distant from relating a opening of a One X and lacks a local 4K benefits, though a multiple of plain current-gen gameplay and a useful 4K front expostulate make it a good value proposition.

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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Credit: Microsoft

5. Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

A stellar Xbox Game Pass machine

Xbox One S All-Digital Xbox One S 1TB All Digital Console Fortnite 2 Game Bundle




  • 4K diversion upscaling and HDR compatible
  • Great for Xbox Game Pass
  • Super affordable
  • 4K video streaming


  • Middling performance
  • No local 4K for games
  • No front drive

While a Xbox One S offers good value in a possess right, a Xbox One S All-Digital Edition modernises a normal console regulation with small repairs to your wallet.

The Xbox One SAD Edition (as it was called by some early on) had a bit of a catastrophic launch. The disc-drive-sporting Xbox One S had been ignored opposite a board, while a new All-Digital Edition launched during a identical cost – a baffling move.

Since then, a disc-less console has enjoyed a identical offers and discounts – creation it a cheapest current-gen Xbox we can buy.

The miss of a front expostulate unequivocally lets Xbox Game Pass (Microsoft’s magnificently successful diversion subscription service) come into a possess on this model. You still get a tough expostulate for those games we would squeeze but, if we wish pick-up-and-play gaming during a jaw-droppingly low altogether price, a All-Digital Edition and Game Pass combo is an comprehensive winner. 

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Nintendo Switch

6. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s premiere console

NINTENDO DIRECT Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue / Neon Red Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo Official UK Store



  • Gaming whenever, wherever we want
  • Bright and charming screen
  • Versatile Joy-Con controllers
  • Some truly implausible games


  • Overpriced accessories
  • Expensive games

The Switch brought Nintendo’s peculiarity gaming IP to a singular form-factor that authorised for a good unstable knowledge of a Nintendo DS and preceding Game Boys as good as a at-home community knowledge of a hugely renouned Nintendo Wii.

From a genre-redefining The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild to classical commune games like a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Party, a Switch offers a far-reaching array of child-friendly games alongside some exclusives that will blow a minds of all ages.

Nintendo didn’t only emanate a hybrid of dual things it does good though; it looked outward of a remit. The Nintendo Switch now offers one of a best indie diversion practice accessible and mostly leaves fans good out “Yeah, though when’s a Switch version?” after any diversion announcement.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

7. Nintendo Switch Lite

The best unstable diversion console

Nintendo Switch Lite, Handheld Console

John Lewis  Partners



  • Design is robust, appealing and easy to use
  • Boasts a illusory library of games
  • Increased battery life compared to strange Switch


  • Certain Switch games aren’t supported
  • Local multiplayer is distant harder to grasp though docking

While a strange Switch joined dual of Nintendo’s form-factors, there remained some unstable holdouts who were wondering when a subsequent DS would come. The Nintendo Switch is great, but, for slot unstable fans, it competence still be a small pithy and expensive.

Nintendo solved these problems with a Switch Lite. The Nintendo Switch Lite brought a good games of a comparison kin to a smaller, some-more child-friendly and cheaper indication – with splendid colours and a kid-proof housing.

The Switch Lite might mislay some of a community joys of a full chronicle and extent support for Joy-Con-focused games but, for a price, it’s tough to hit this on-the-go champ.

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Nvidia Shield TV

8. Nvidia Shield TV

Great for diversion streaming

NVIDIA Shield TV | 4K HDR Streaming Media Player, Dolby Vision, MicroSD, Works with Alexa




  • 4K and HDR visuals demeanour incredible
  • Cinema-quality audio
  • Redesigned remote
  • GeForce Now cloud streaming could be a game-changer


  • GeForce Now has singular games
  • No app for Now TV

With a new Shield TV, Nvidia charity a slim and gamer-friendly choice for streaming hang fans.

The streaming hang offers all a on-demand TV and film watch options we wish with frail peculiarity outlay while also make-up in games. 

For gaming, we can entrance Nvidia GeForce Now on a device – Nvidia’s take on Stadia that lets we play certain games from your PC library around streaming. Our knowledge with this use saw it work good with a games it did offer. Unfortunately, Nvidia has had some difficulty with developers withdrawing from a platform.

Along with streaming over a internet around GeForce Now, we can also use GameStream to tide games from your home PC to a Shield TV – a some-more Wi-Fi/Ethernet choice for those with internet woes – as good as a ability to play games traditionally indifferent for Android smartphones.

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Nintendo Classic Mini SNES

9. Nintendo Classic Mini SNES

A mini diversion console with old classics

NINTENDO DIRECT Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Official UK Store



  • Great collection of games
  • Beautifully made
  • Two controllers in a box
  • Rewind duty good for wily games


  • Cable expected still not prolonged enough
  • Game opening unsure for some

Much like diversion streaming, a best diversion consoles list wouldn’t be finish though some nostalgia – generally given new releases of several retro consoles revamps. 

From a smashing selection, we’ve left with a Nintendo Classic Mini SNES – with an fair discuss going to a Sega Mega Drive Mini and a somewhat reduction eager shoutout to a PlayStation Classic.

Following on from a success of a Nintendo Classic Mini NES, a SNES Mini brought a likes of Punch-Out!!, Star Fox and Super Mario Bros 3 to a new generation. 

Its preference of games charity peculiarity over apportion in an affordable package that also modernised a format with a talent “Rewind” function.

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MSI Trident A

10. Gaming PC

An choice to a normal diversion console


  • Customisable and upgradeable
  • High support rates
  • Best-in-class gaming visuals
  • Massive library of games


  • Price
  • Less streamlined UI
  • Upgrading can be intimidating

For a consequence of covering all a bases of gaming hardware, we’ve motionless to hide gaming PCs onto this best diversion consoles list and, while we know they aren’t particularly diversion consoles, a lot of gaming hardware manufacturers would really like them to be.

The likes of a MSI Trident A offer identical hardware pattern denunciation to that of a console while charity many of a advantages of a PC complement – from a huge preference of games to peerless visuals (with a right internals) to a advantages of upgradeability. 

HP and Corsair have also got into a console-like gaming PC hardware with their smaller offerings. While pricing comes in during a reward for these devices, normal gaming PC advantages sojourn along with a miss of a huge box sitting underneath your desk.

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