Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook Is Launching Makeup

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    After weeks of teasing, beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook announced her cosmetics code Tati Beauty. It’s her initial incursion into cosmetics—though she owns vitamin association Halo Beauty—and an proclamation many have been watchful for. In loyal YouTuber fashion, she common a news with a video posted to her channel, which, given a posting, has already racked adult half a million views.

    The proclamation video, that is 3 mins long, opens with Westbrook vocalization to a camera as if she’s about to share another one of her “best of” lists though fast becomes distorted, slicing to a behind-the-scenes shave of Westbrook on a photoshoot and footage from Mar 2018 of her articulate about a yet-to-be-named brand. “I’m spooky with product development, I’m going to build this thing and we have a outrageous prophesy for it,” she shared. The initial product to launch will be a Textured Neutrals Palette Vol. 1, that can be seen in a form of swatches on her arm. The 20-pan palette is installed with a brew of shimmers and mattes, trimming from an sable matte black to a shimmering light champagne.

    Fans are vehement for a launch (the brand’s Instagram already has a cold 30K followers), with many tweeting that they got romantic saying a video. “I am indeed great right now. This is what we adore to see,” wrote one user. “If we haven’t listened by now, a pleasing @GlamLifeGuru is finally entrance out with her possess makeup and I’m literally shedding tears.” pronounced another. Although there hasn’t been any word on what’s to come after a palette, a twitter from a code suggests that this is only a beginning. “The prophesy we have for Tati Beauty is a marathon not a sprint… I’m only warming up,” Westbrook common in a tweet, adding that a palette is only a look into a “gorgeous, glittery destiny ahead.”

    TATI BEAUTY on Instagram: “Textured Neutrals Vol. 1
    4 Textures, 6 Tones, Endless Possibilities
    #tatibeauty #texturedneutrals #justgettingstarted”

    The palette will be accessible for squeeze on Oct 25 during 10am PST on, and if a building hum is any indication, we’re certain it’ll sell out quick.

    Watch a proclamation video here.