Beanie Feldstein on Playing Our Teen Screen Queen


During that initial temperament exercise, Beanie says she substantially wrote down “female and Jewish.” She hadn’t nonetheless explored her sexuality, that she’s only started to figure out in a past year and a half. She’s now dating writer Bonnie Chance Roberts, whom she met on a set of How to Build a Girl. Before “Bon,” as she calls her, she had always insincere she wasn’t a attribute type. Her hermit Jonah would call her a “Dexter of relationships,” given she was a “most amatory chairman in a verbatim world,” nonetheless was icy when she spoke of her boyfriends. She didn’t prioritize that partial of her life, even as many of her friends pined for romance. “It only wasn’t something we suspicion about or craved,” she says. Then she met Bonnie and thought, “Whoa! Now we get it…. we get since people write songs.”

The craziest part, she insists, was that she fell in love; a fact that she fell for a lady was an afterthought. “Not to sound flippant, though we was in adore with her and all of her, and she’s a woman,” Beanie says. “That’s not scaring me or deterring me. And it wasn’t only women in general; it was her specifically.”

Though Beanie’s open about who she is, a large coming-out impulse didn’t feel required to her, that she acknowledges is substantially a outcome of a contentment of adore and support she has in her life. In a few years given that initial sociology class, a media has reserved her many labels — queer, feminist, “chubby” — though she’s not overly tangible by any sold one. Still, she understands that proudly trumpeting one’s temperament feels suggestive for many. A few days before a meeting, Sam Smith announced on Instagram that they were switching to “they/them” pronouns. “I was so changed by that,” Beanie says. “The some-more stories we have, both personal and fictionalized…it only adds to a effing conversation.”


Beanie started auditioning again during her comparison year of college, and within a year of graduation, she scored a partial of Julie in Lady Bird. “I couldn’t even have conjured a conditions or famous a form of storytelling we wanted to be a partial of until we got to be a partial of it,” she says. Lady Bird was “so deeply in line with who we am.” The film immediately spurred loyalty from immature women for doing teen girls’ interior lives with such shade and care. Beanie’s opening desirous a special devotion. Sweet Julie’s outburst of moral annoy — “It was a suggested role!!!” — has given been immortalized on YouTube and in memes.

After that initial cadence of luck, Beanie thought, I’m not gonna settle. That’s what happens, she says, when we get your large mangle operative alongside Greta Gerwig, Saiorse Ronan, and Laurie Metcalf. She unexpected had high expectations for her collaborators, many of whom have been women. Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart felt like “the many ideal subsequent step,” given it was a “strong womanlike story about loyalty though with a totally opposite tinge and energy” from Lady Bird. She was drawn to Caitlin Moran’s work given it “gives women accede to take big, confidant swings.” She remembers assembly with Moran, executive Coky Giedroyc, and How to Build a Girl’s dual womanlike producers, not meaningful either she’d gotten a partial though feeling like she’d already won given these women were doing profitable work amid “all this mishegoss — this crazy industry.”

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