Ban all watches from exams, UK elect recommends


Now that internet-connected wearables are inexpensive and plentiful, a intensity for them to be used for intrigue in exams is critical adequate that schools should cruise banning all watches.

That’s the verdict of a Independent Commission on Examination Malpractice, a physique set adult by examination play to demeanour into cheating. The commission’s end is that it’s now tough adequate to tell a disproportion between normal timepieces and smartwatches that all wearables should be criminialized for an easy life – generally when you’re obliged for monitoring hundreds of children per examination hall. 

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“It can demeanour as if it’s a time-telling watch and actually, we press a symbol and it becomes an email-type watch,” Sir John Dunford, a commission’s chairman, told The Guardian. “If we don’t anathema them all we cruise you’re giving a really formidable pursuit to invigilators who are looking turn an examination room. So we cruise a apparent thing to do here is to anathema watches.”

Although this was a many eye-catching recommendation, a elect also warned of a need to demeanour out for other methods of high-tech intrigue – such as mini cameras dim within glasses, and microphones kept underneath fake nails. The news also recommends that examination play keep an eye on a dim web for people offered examination papers.

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The Joint Council for Qualifications says it will cruise all a reports recommendations in time for subsequent summer’s exams.

It’s not a initial time people have voiced alarm during a intensity of smartwatches to interrupt exams. Back in 2016, one clergyman lifted recognition of a £45 watch for sale on Amazon, clearly marketed as a approach for students to get additional information into exams. It worked with wireless headsets, and even had an puncture symbol to lapse it to a normal watchface. 

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