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Regalar una fragancia siempre es una buena idea. Sí, es un regalo clásico pero totalmente intemporal que siempre gusta. Por ello, hoy no podemos menos que hablaros de los nuevos aromas de Dior, los dos nuevos Eau de Toilette que acaba de lanzar y que son el regalo perfecto de cara a este San Valentín, tanto para hombre como para mujer.

Gisele Bündchen protagoniza su primera campaña con Dior presentando la nueva línea de Capture Totale para una piel más joven

Perfumes Dior1
Perfumes Dior1

Así, por un lado Miss Dior amplía su familia olfativa con Rose N’Roses. Dior lanza este nuevo Eau de Toilrtte para todas aquellas mujeres que adoran los aromas florales, sobre todo con una mezcla de rosas frescas y perfectas para cualquier momento del día o de la noche, porqué no.

Detrás de esta fragancia se encuentra la nariz  de Francois Demachy y sus notas son:

  • Notas de Salida: bergamota, geranio y mandarina italiana.
  • Notas de Corazón: rosa de Grasse y rosa de Damasco.
  • Nota de Fondo: es almizcle blanco.

Se trata de un aroma muy fresco, nada cargante, que al ser un Eau de Toilette no aguanta tanto como un perfume (aunque a mí me dura mucho, también es cierto), pero sigue siendo de esos  que provocan en los demás ese comentario que tanto nos gusta de “qué bien hueles, ¿qué perfume llevas?”. Me encanta esa sensación.

Dior tiene el cushion de maquillaje que todas desearemos y ya sabemos la fecha de lanzamiento

Perfumes Dior1
Perfumes Dior1

Es suave, elegante y más femenino imposible. Además, su packaging no puede ser más bonito, y muy girly, las cosas como son, una botella estilizada, con su característico precioso lazo plateado en el cuello. Sin duda, un gran regalo con el que sorprender a cualquier chica y que personalmente no he parado de usar desde que cayó en mis manos. 

El precio por el formato de 50 ml. es de 59,95 euros.

DIORMiss Dior Rose N'RosesEau de Toilette 50 ml.

Miss Dior Rose N’Roses
Eau de Toilette 50 ml.

Perfumes Dior3
Perfumes Dior3

Y luego tenemos el nuevo Homme de Dior en su versión Eau de Toilette. En este punto, os tengo que reconocer que soy una obsesa de los aromas de Dior de hombre. Soy de las que como me cruce con alguien que lleve un perfume de la marca me doy la vuelta (sea quien sea, tenga la edad que tenga, es lo que tiene el sentido del olfato).

Podría decir que me recuerda un poco a Sauvage, pero mucho más suave, obiviamente, al tratarse de su versión edt. Aun así, es maravillosa y mi chico está más que encantada con él, ya que él prefiere las fragancias más ligeras y suaves,  y no veáis lo que disfruto yo al abrazarme a él y aspirar ese aroma. Me rechifla.

Entre las notas que nos encontramos están:

  • Notas de Salida: bergamota, pimienta rosa y elemí.
  • Notas de Corazón: pachulí, cedro del Atlas y madera de cachemira
  • Notas de Fondo: son almizcle blanco, vetiver de Haití y Iso E Super. 

Según su creador, François Demachy, “este nuevo DIOR HOMME tiene una evidente firma viril. Lo que no le impide desarrollar acentos tiernos, sensuales. Al fin y al cabo, es el retrato de un hombre moderno”. 

Perfumes Dior5
Perfumes Dior5

Nuevamente, tengo que señalar el maravilloso packaging de esta versión de hombre porque es una pasada: el tapón de metacrilato transparente, con el detalle en negro, es simplemente la elegancia hecha perfume.

Un acierto absoluto. Su precio es de 53,95 euros el formato de 50 ml. y ya lo podemos encontrar en un avance en exclusiva en Douglas. 

DIORDIOR HOMMEEau de Toilette 50ml.

Eau de Toilette 50ml.

El producto fue facilitado para la prueba por Dior. Puedes consultar nuestra política de relaciones con empresas.

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You might be able to pick up the basics of shaving from TV commercials and a little bit of advice from your father. But knowing how to prevent razor burn only comes from personal experience—or some in-depth research. As far as the research goes, we can help.

Nothing looks and feels worse than turning fiery red after shaving your face. You willingly and happily went for a baby-smooth finish, only to be punished for it. Not only that, but by the time the razor burn heals, new stubble will already be sprouting—so, really, what was the point?

We’re not knocking the act of shaving. In fact, we’re all for it….when it’s done correctly and safely. Razor burn is entirely preventable. More often than not, it is the result of a shaving regimen that is hasty or careless. Even guys with sensitive skin can avoid it.

There are specific steps you must follow to protect and nurture your skin, especially if you are susceptible to irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn. Here are those steps—that is, how to prevent razor burn—in their precise order.

1. Prepare the skin properly

First things first: You need to warm up your skin—literally—for that sharp razor. Take a hot shower, or wash your face thoroughly with warm water. If you skip this initial step, your skin is less resilient, and your stubble more stubborn. By having soft skin and hair, you lessen the likelihood of the blade dragging and tugging the skin, and improve the razor’s ability to cut the hairs cleanly and quickly.

After the warm water cleanse, you should apply a pre-shave oil or cream. This forms a thin, nourishing base layer over the skin, to shield it from the blade without compromising the closeness of the shave itself. It also further softens the hairs, so that you can mow without resistance.

Image may contain: Cosmetics, Bottle, and Box

2. Turn up your razor hygiene (and maybe turn down the blade count)

Razor hygiene is essential in preventing burn. If you aren’t replacing your razor regularly, then it might be time to sign up for a razor replenishment program like Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s. They’ll top you up so that you never use a dull or dirty blade. You need to be shaving with a sharp, clean blade. But you don’t need to toss the cartridge after each use. You should get multiple uses out of one razor head.

The rule of thumb for razor replacement: Never use a razor more than 8 times. And never use it more than 3 weeks. Replace the blade at either of those intervals—whichever one comes first. At that point, it’s either too dull or has collected too much bacteria and dust, even if you’ve been storing it properly. (That is, stored upright in a cool, dry space after shaving. And with a plastic cover over top between shaves, after it’s dried.)

If you have sensitive skin, you might also consider using a razor with fewer blades, to minimize the number of sharp objects dragging over your skin. This is why lots of guys switch to a safety razor. Or, you could try a 3-blade razor, like Gillette’s Mach3.

Image may contain: Weapon, Weaponry, Dryer, Appliance, Hair Drier, Blow Dryer, Blade, and RazorImage may contain: Weapon, Weaponry, Blade, and Razor

3. Consider using a badger brush

If you’re shaving hairs that are more than a few days old, you might be able to lift them up away from the skin by applying your shave cream with a badger brush. You simply wet the brush in warm water, poke a hole in the center with your finger, then fill it with cream, before applying it in circular motions against the grain on your face. This builds a creamy lather while also pulling the hairs up and priming them for a nice, gentle shave.

Image may contain: Cosmetics, and Bottle

4. Loosen your grip, and shave against the grain

If you’ve done everything correct until this point—the moment you begin to shave—then you should trust the process. There’s no need to apply lots of pressure to the blade, as you’ll only shear off extra cells or trim some hairs slightly below the surface of the skin. Lighten your grip, and let the blade glide over top your pre-shave layer and the shave cream. You shouldn’t require multiple passes, either. Again, if you’ve done everything right, then everything should go smooth.

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maharishi and Nike have teamed up once again, with the former bringing its signature leopard camo print to the latter’s Air Max 720 via the Nike By You platform. With multiple hues available, the collection is a dream come true for any camo connoisseur or leopard lover.

A seamless blend of animal kingdom and armed force aesthetics, the signature camo print swathes classic leopard rosettes in bold colors, making for a pattern that’s meant to stand out — not blend in. This print is presented in a wide variety of hues that range from dark olive greens to bright oranges and more. Thanks to the By You platform’s customization options, you’re able to put your personal spin on the futuristic sneaker.



A post shared by maharishi (@maharishi) on Jan 19, 2020 at 3:54am PST

However, available alterations extend farther than print and pattern. The bulbous Air Max cushioning unit can be dressed in a variety of shades, and you can also add a pre-selected phrase — which range from “The Tigers Of Wrath Are Wiser” to “The Names Of Many” — or leave it unadorned. maharishi branded hits can be placed on the pull tabs, small midfoot Swooshes add just enough Nike flair and co-branded insoles complete the look. Of course, this pack of 720s follows up the British brand’s extensive slate of collaborations in 2019, which ranged from Air Max 90s to a slew of other By You products like the Air Force 1 High and Low plus the Air Max 270 Bowfin.

Expect the maharishi x Nike Air Max 720 By You collection to release on the Nike webstore in the coming weeks, with a retail price of $220 USD per pair.



A post shared by maharishi (@maharishi) on Jan 23, 2020 at 9:49am PST

Elsewhere, Nike SB‘s SB Dunk Low has taken on an “Infrared” colorway that’s inspired by the classic Air Max 90 of the same name.

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American fashion designer Todd Snyder has expanded his repertoire with the unveiling of his custom FJ Company Land Cruiser, which comes equipped with a leather-lined interior courtesy of Red Wing Heritage.

The iconic Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 serves as the base for this custom line, with FJ Company stepping in to rework the classic off-roader with its meticulous attention to detail. Restorations include a new 4.0-liter V6 Toyota engine and transmission — which is good for 228 BHP — as well as upgraded suspension, brakes, and advanced power steering.

Elsewhere you’ll find a revived 100% steel body — which has been finished in a Porsche-inspired “Slate Grey” hue — LED headlights and fog lights and, most notably, the custom Red Wing leather interior. Todd Snyder decided to use the same leather found on Red Wing’s Heritage Classic Mocs for the 4×4’s seats and interior side panels, making for a luxurious update to the original Land Cruiser.

The Todd Snyder Edition G43 is available to customize on the designer’s website, with prices starting at $195,000 USD. Take a closer look at the signature model above.

Elsewhere in the automotive world, a Japanese-imported 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL AMG is currently up for auction with RM Sotheby’s.

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A university spokesperson referred Teen Vogue to a special page on the school’s website created to provide information about the new program’s implementation. According to the page, the purpose of Ram Attend is to more accurately record student attendance; the pilot period will also gauge the plausibility of extending the program to larger classes in which “manual attendance is not feasible.” The university claims the only parties with access to the data will be university officials with “a legitimate academic need” to see it, as well as Degree Analytics, the company responsible for analyzing the data. The school’s website reiterates that Degree Analytics will only see numbers in place of students’ actual names, for privacy purposes. (Degree Analytics has not responded to Teen Vogue’s request for comment.) Despite the university’s attempts to keep the change transparent, Tagwa says many feel the administration wasn’t entirely forthright about the introduction of this technology.

“Most students feel like this is an invasion of privacy, and I agree,” she said.

VCU isn’t the only school planning to monitor student attendance with controversial technology (or already doing so). Over 30 schools also use SpotterEDU, an “automated attendance” app that uses Bluetooth technology to record students’ attendance and notify their professors of their class habits. According to the Washington Post, the app aggregates the data into a point system that some professors use for grading. Hypothetically, school officials would be able to use the data to organize students into categories based on certain demographics, like race. Rick Carter, the app’s CEO, claims that SpotterEDU is “not a data collection company.”

“The only information that we actually get about a student is the type of device they have, the version of operating system that they’re running on their phone, the version of our app that they have, and then their class schedule,” he told Teen Vogue. “That’s it.”

According to Carter, every school using the app has seen the highest grade point average in its history within two years of implementation. In its five years of operation, SpotterEDU has never lost a client, Carter says. He adds that the company only tracks student attendance during class times, using Bluetooth beacons in classrooms, so “if they’re not there, we don’t know where they’re at.” He reiterated that the company doesn’t sell anyone’s information.

The app is gaining traction nationwide. A spokesperson for the University of Missouri told Teen Vogue that the school is gearing up to launch a pilot project of SpotterEDU on campus. The spokesperson called the decision a “very small test scenario.” The app has already been used by the school’s athletic department for several years, but administrators decided to increase its use to somewhere between 10 and 15 classes during the pilot period this semester. Christian Basi, the media relations director for the University of Missouri system, told Teen Vogue the decision was made in conjunction with student and faculty leadership.

“They’ve seen some value in potentially using the app, and so they wanted to be part of the test,” he said. “University of Missouri athletics has done an incredible job with the academic success of student athletes that we have on this campus; they attribute some of that success to being able to determine when a student was under academic stress. One of the first signs of that was when a student starts to not show up to class.”

In an interview with the Columbia Daily Tribune, Matt McCabe, the communications director for the Missouri Students Association (MSA) at the university, said the group is still waiting to “gauge student feedback” on the pilot program. According to Basi, the university official, student government largely has been supportive of the move. In an email to Teen Vogue, another student government representative confirmed that MSA has been in contact with the administration with respect to the pilot and looks forward to further conversations about its future at the university.

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A 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II is one of the marque’s most sought-after retro cars, and now, Bring A Trailer presents a pristine iteration in its latest limited-time auction.

This particular model is number 130 of 502 W201 EVO II’s produced, packing a 2.5L short-stroke Cosworth inline-four engine paired with an AMG PowerPack, a five-speed Getrag manual transmission and a limited-slip differential — making for a factory-rated output of 232 BHP.

Other upgrades come in the form of AMG-approved camshafts, a larger throttle body, engine management adjustments, and intake and exhaust changes, which came together to make for a supercar-tackling saloon when this highly-limited model first launched.

The 190E Evo II is finished in “Blue-Black Metallic” over “Anthracite” leather, as per the signature look for this DTM homologation model. The metallic paint gives a crisp shine to the bodywork, allowing the extra-wide downforce-inducing fender flares, rear window spoiler, and prominent adjustable rear spoiler to stand out against the standard 190E.

Take a look at the 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II listed by Bring A Trailer in the gallery above, and head over to its designated online auction page where it’s expected to fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars when the sale ends on February 6.

For more rare Merc’s, check out this Japanese-imported pre-merger 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL AMG that’s also up for auction.

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While Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was throwing a lavish party at his $23 million mansion in Washington, DC, this weekend—attended by celebrities like Ivanka Trump and Bill Gates—hundreds of his employees were gearing up to revolt.

At issue was the company’s external communications policy and reports earlier this month that it threatened to fire employees for speaking out about climate change without proper authorization. In protest, more than 350 Amazon workers published statements under their own names in a Medium post on Sunday, intentionally violating the policy en masse.

The protest was organized by Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, a coalition of activist workers that has pushed for the company to adopt more environmentally friendly policies over the past year. The group organized a climate change walkout last fall that was attended by thousands of Amazon and other tech workers around the globe.

“Corporations cannot own the conversation that threatens our very existence,” wrote Maren Costa, a principal user experience designer at Amazon. “We can’t be silent about issues that harm our children, communities, and planet.” Costa is one of several employees who were told they could be fired if they continued speaking publicly about Amazon without getting advanced approval. In the fall, Costa spoke with several news outlets, including WIRED, about what she said was the company’s inadequate response to the climate crisis.

This image may contain Tennis Ball Sport Tennis Ball Sports Astronomy Universe Space Outer Space and Symbol

Amazon has long required employees to get approval before speaking publicly, but the policy wasn’t strictly enforced, according to The Washington Post. In September, right before the walkout, Amazon created a new internal portal for workers to request permission to speak with the press; employees are now required to have a “business justification” for doing so.

None of the workers who contributed to Sunday’s Medium post appear to have used that formal channel. “The idea is to intentionally break the communications policy so prolifically that it is unenforceable,” Amazon Employees for Climate Justice wrote in an email sent internally last week to collect statements and signatures; it later made the message public.

Many large companies have policies about external communications, and AECJ acknowledged that Amazon’s policy makes sense in some cases, such as confidential projects. “But allowing a corporation to silence us on its contribution to the climate crisis is a clear overreach of comms policy, and effectively demands we give up our basic humanity and integrity in order to be employees,” the group wrote in its message.

“While all employees are welcome to engage constructively with any of the many teams inside Amazon that work on sustainability and other topics, we do enforce our external communications policy and will not allow employees to publicly disparage or misrepresent the company or the hard work of their colleagues who are developing solutions to these hard problems,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement. The spokesperson did not comment on whether Amazon would take action in response to Sunday’s post.

The statements the group published Sunday addressed a range of issues beyond Amazon’s impact on the environment. The Medium post is a laundry list of controversies the company has weathered in recent years, including labor issues, safety and privacy, and political influence, among others.

Not all of the statements were critical of Amazon’s outside communications policy. One worker said it prohibited her from sharing positive opinions with the press. “I want to be able to speak to the media about all the innovative things we ARE doing to protect Alexa customer privacy,” wrote Emily Greene, a software engineer. “I work every day to improve our protections of customer data, and it’s disappointing when the media spins the truth because the people who speak up are the ones with nothing to lose.”

A number of Amazon employees who participated in Sunday’s Medium post commended the company’s recent environmental efforts. Ahead of the walkout in September, Bezos unveiled a new “Climate Pledge,” where businesses promise to regularly disclose greenhouse gas emissions and reach carbon neutrality by 2040. Amazon was the first company to join. “I am proud to work at Amazon and to be working on such an important topic. I feel supported by our company and by our leadership to make this our top priority,” wrote Kimberly Pousman, an engagement manager working on the Climate Pledge.

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Mozilla ha eliminato dallo store circa 200 estensioni che cercavano di rubare i dati agli utenti o di installare dei malware nei loro dispositivi

Firefox (immagine: Mozilla)

Firefox si dimostra ancora una volta molto attento alla privacy e alla sicurezza dei propri utenti mettendo al bando circa 200 estensioni pirata del browser, che miravano a rubare i dati degli utenti. Le estensioni sono state eliminate dal portale Mozilla Add-on sul quale gli utenti possono scaricare i plugin e i temi per il browser Firefox.

Delle 197 estensioni bandite, 129 sono state sviluppate da 2Rign, specializzato nella produzione di software b2b. Le estensioni incriminate effettuavano azioni di download ed esecuzione di codici da remoto sui dispositivi senza aver raccolto un consenso preventivo dall’utente. Secondo le norme che regolano i componenti aggiuntivi del browser di Mozilla, le estensioni non possono richiedere il caricamento dinamico di un codice e nemmeno eseguirne uno da server remoti.

Oltre alle estensioni malevole e potenzialmente dannose per i dispositivi degli utenti, Mozilla ha eliminato anche dei plug-in che raccoglievano i dati personali degli utenti e i loro dati di navigazione a loro insaputa, come, per esempio, le estensioni WeatherPool, Your Social, Pdfviewer, RoliTrade e Rolimons Plus. Gli sviluppatori potranno appellarsi alla decisione del motore di ricerca per essere reintegrate online.

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