Aukey DR-01 Camcorder

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    What is a Aukey DR-01?

    The DR-01 is a lurch cam from Aukey, a association that might be some-more informed to we for a USB hubs and audio gear. The lurch cam marketplace is apropos increasingly crowded, so Aukey’s DR-01 enters with a really penetrating price, anticipating to attract buyers during a bill finish of a marketplace rather than gadget-hungry early adopters.

    Aukey DR-01 – Specification and Windscreen Mounting

    Available for reduction than £70, a DR-01 offers usually Full HD video, where some-more costly alternatives are now branch to aloft resolutions. But this will be sufficient for simple use, and Aukey also includes a Sony Exmor IMX323 CMOS sensor. This is a 2.19-megapixel chip, with a sizeable 1/2.9-inch diagonal, and so should offer decent opening in low light, as good as during a day.

    Aside from Full HD (1920 x 1080) fortitude video during 30 frames per second, there’s 720p during 60 and 30 frames per second, WVGA (848 x 480) and VGA (640 x 480).

    As is a box with flattering most all lurch cams, microSD is used for storage. Note that there’s no media enclosed in a box, so you’ll need to supply your own, nonetheless this is magnitude costly these days. An 8GB label will be adequate for about 80 mins of footage during a Full HD resolution’s approximately 13Mbps information rate. Once a media is full, recording will loop and a oldest files will be overwritten by new ones.

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    Aukey DR-01

    Despite a bill pricing, a DR-01 comes with a surprisingly inexhaustible gold of ascent accessories. There’s a suction mount, and an glue mountain if we wish your designation to be permanent.

    The common extensive USB energy wire is supplied, and a automobile energy adapter isn’t captured, though separate. It also offers dual USB ports, so we can assign your phone or insert a satnav during a same time, presumption a latter doesn’t have a prisoner energy wire either. we found this worked only excellent with a TomTom satnav.

    Aukey has enclosed a integrate of additional 3M glue rags in a box, and distinct probably each other lurch cam competitor, 3 glue wire clips are enclosed as well. This will make routing a USB energy wire spin a windscreen neat and tidy, and we shouldn’t need to squeeze anything else for this purpose.

    Aukey DR-01 – Menu, Manual Settings and Optional Safety Features

    Navigating a menu utilises a 2-inch LCD shade and 4 buttons underneath it. It isn’t a difficult process, given there aren’t that many settings we can alter. There’s control over a recording resolution, and a ability to name a shave length when loop recording, between 3, 5 and 10 minutes. But we can’t spin this underline off.

    You can also name possibly a date and time are hammered onto a video support during recording. You do get a ability to configure bearing between +1 and -1 EV in 7 increments, a underline that isn’t always accessible with lurch cams. It’s also probable to name possibly a 50Hz or 60Hz bottom magnitude is used, so a flutter of synthetic lights doesn’t means strobing.

    Aukey DR-01

    Otherwise, a DR-01 offers a unclothed smallest of additional reserve features. Apart from a G-sensor mentioned above, that’s it. This has 3 attraction levels configurable around a menu. There’s no GPS built in to line your position alongside a video, and no Wi-Fi and smartphone app multiple to yield easier entrance to settings and remote control.

    You can use a DR-01 as a parking protector, with a suit showing mode also available. There’s a time-lapse recording function, too, for an choice process of gripping an eye on things when a automobile is parked. But in a deficiency of a GPS, there’s no choice of reserve camera plcae warnings.

    Aukey DR-01

    Although line depart and vicinity intuiting don’t indispensably need a GPS, these aren’t enclosed either. The DR-01 is particularly a dashboard camera and really small else. But it would have been a warn if there was most some-more than this deliberation a price.

    There are a integrate of mini-jacks on a tip of a DR-01. One is for analog AV output, nonetheless no wire is granted to capacitate this. The other is for attaching an outmost GPS receiver, that is mentioned in some of a descriptions in online shops. However, there’s no spirit of where to obtain this on Aukey’s possess website, or anywhere else. So it doesn’t seem to be a genuine choice during a moment.

    Aukey DR-01 – Image Quality

    With only Full HD on offer, a DR-01 can’t offer a fact of a best stream lurch cams. Footage also has a conspicuous grain, even in reasonable illumination. But a Sony CMOS provides pretty true colour. The fact is adequate for a categorical duty of a lurch cam. You can review series plates, though not as clearly as higher-resolution lurch cams such as VicoVation’s Vico-MF3.

    You can perspective a night representation of footage from a Aukey DR-01 here.

    You can perspective a day representation of footage from a Aukey DR-01 here.

    Should we buy a Aukey DR-01?

    As settled in a intro, a Aukey DR-01 isn’t going to have early adopters rushing to buy. This is really most a no-frills lurch cam that does a essentials of capturing your tour on video in box an occurrence occurs. This pursuit is finished with reasonable aplomb, deliberation a price, and a ascent gold is extensive too.

    So if you’re after an intensely budget-conscious lurch cam, a Aukey DR-01 is value deliberation – even if it won’t do all your lurch cam dreams.


    A low cost for really few lurch cam facilities – though during slightest a Full HD video peculiarity is reasonable, creation a Aukey DR-01 good value.


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