Attention all runners: we need to try these strength exercises


Last week, Saucony envoy James Thie was due to be operative as partial of a chosen competition organisation during a Virgin Money London Marathon. Instead, a former general curtain currently finds himself during home hosting live circuit training workouts on YouTube for athletes unfortunate to stay in figure during a Covid-19 lockdown.

Normally, he advises around 30 runners. Now he is moving hundreds some-more with a array of strength and conditioning sessions conducted from his garage nearby Cardiff in South Wales. As a sub-four-minute miler and former finalist during World, European and Commonwealth 1,500m events, he knows what it takes to get a many out of your regulating ability. Aged 41, he is still in figure too and final year won World Masters indoor titles during 800m, 1,500m and 3,000m.

“Normally my athletes would do circuits once a week or infrequently twice a week,” he says. “You don’t need any genuine equipment. You can do them in your vital room or anywhere that we have a bit of space. A stout chair for certain exercises is a categorical thing we use.”

Thie also runs on a treadmill in his garage and does Zwift sessions on a bike. His walls are lonesome with framed bib numbers from his general racing days and there are froth rollers on a floor. But, he insists, all we unequivocally need is a chair.

“The exercises are regulating your possess bodyweight and if we can’t cope with that afterwards we substantially shouldn’t be anywhere nearby a gym anyway,” he adds bluntly. “A year ago we took a punt of converting a garage into a gym and it’s incited out to be a good investment, nonetheless we could simply do my circuit training slight in my vital room, kitchen or garden.” His online circuit training sessions are hold on Monday and Tuesday during 6pm in a UK yet he now has supporters in countries such as a United States and Canada who do a examination when it suits them in their possess time zone.

“People who do a classes feel like they’re partial of a community,” he explains, “which is good yet also feels uncanny to me since I’ve customarily usually started doing them online and there’s no two-way discourse unequivocally when I’m doing them.”

He adds: “Anyone can do them. It’s your possess bodyweight, so you’re adult opposite yourself. People can brew and compare and do how many sets they like. Or they can postponement a video and have some-more recovery. It’s a elementary examination that we can do whenever we want.”

A standard event includes 15 exercises, such as: press-ups, star jumps, behind raises (or sky divers), lunges, sit-ups, triceps dips, step-ups, choice fours, tiny jumps, crunches, regulating arms, singular leg squats, turn sit-ups, leg raises and burpees. With any practice do 3 sets of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest – and a whole event will take about half an hour.

Thie is not a customarily manager or contestant who has taken to a internet to assistance other runners. When asked who else he recommends he says he has enjoyed examination Olympic middle-distance champion Kelly Holmes and decathlon fable Daley Thompson do online workouts. “Kelly was a conditioned phenomenon,” he says. “She incited 50 this month and is still in shape.”

The pestilence has led to a termination of not customarily a London Marathon and Olympic Games yet grassroots events such as weekend park runs. Thie finds it all surreal: “This time final year we won a large Masters 5km in California – in 15:18 – and World Masters titles in Poland, since this month we did 15:45 during home in a ‘virtual inhabitant highway send championships’ that was combined when a genuine National Road Relays champs were cancelled.”

At a tallness of his career in 2004 he finished runner-up in a mile during a Millrose Games in New York before drifting home to win china during 1,500m in a UK Indoor Championships in Sheffield. “My Millrose Games competition was about 9pm and a moody was 11pm,” he remembers. “There were 16 hours between a races, about 4,000 miles and planes, trains and automobiles, yet a Friday night competition paid my lease for a subsequent 6 months and a competition on Saturday got me into a World Indoor Championships.”

For stream athletes, such competitions are self-existent and travelling is out of bounds. So what is his recommendation for runners undone by a lockdown and a awaiting of no “real races” for a while?

“There is no one right answer,” he says. “Everyone reacts differently. But with my training organisation I’ve been blown divided by a positivity.

“None of them have entrance to marks so they’re not doing a heated sessions that they customarily would during this time of year. They’ve kept their training as tighten as probable to normal, though. Athletes adore slight and they like certain sessions and they’ve kept to doing that as closely as possible, mostly for a mental advantages some-more than anything else.

“During a new good continue they have left out for their uninformed atmosphere any day yet it’s always been within a supervision guidelines, with amicable enmity and not in groups.

“It’s unhappy for those who are going to skip competitions this year. Some of them are never going to get this year behind again, such as tip youth athletes in their final year in their age group. For those who had a ability to get to a Olympics, for some it competence have been a ideal year yet a flipside is that some competence not have been prepared this year yet 2021 could be ideal for them.”

He adds: “If we can sight intelligent and be certain afterwards when a lockdown does finish you’ll be in a best place to take advantage of a opportunities that come around. If we get unhappy and chuck a towel in afterwards zero can be gained from that.”

Saucony UK ambassador James Thie is hosting home-based circuit training sessions on Monday and Wednesday during 6pm. You can find a sessions here.

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