At a Women’s Market: Documenting Liverpool in a 1980s and 90s


On documentary photography…
“People speak about documentary photography a lot, though for me it is about exploring perceptions and vision. When we would try and sketch someone though them saying me, they could always clarity we was doing it. we was meddlesome in that clarity people have when they are being stared at. If we sensed someone didn’t wish to be photographed, we wouldn’t take a picture. Some people only tolerated me. If we found a unequivocally good family that we wanted to take a lot of photos of, I’d ask for their permission, though people change their mannerisms and their expressions when they know they are being watched. Ludwig Wittgenstein talks about it in his work. He talks about a family all carrying a same face, and how a definition is inherent. He knew it was significant, though he couldn’t put it into words. I’m unequivocally meddlesome in a work of American physicist Richard Feynman too, he talks about how he does an examination not to infer what he knows, though to infer what he doesn’t know. It’s tough for me to put it into words, even now. My procedure was never to request anything. we was looking during my vicinity and they influenced me. we saw things we was wild by, and we prisoner things that vehement me.”

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