Arca transforms into a unconventional Botticelli Venus in new ‘Nonbinary’ video


Having expelled a 62-minute piece of music @@@@@ earlier this year, Arca is back, debuting a video for her latest single, “Nonbinary”. Set to be featured on a artist’s highly-anticipated manuscript KiCk i, which will dump after this year, a single’s lyrics pronounce about a self and transformation, and are complimented by a unconventional video.

Directed by Frederik Hayman, a two-minute shave sees Arca on a surgical table, being operated on by skeleton robots. Singing, “I don’t give a fuck what we consider / You don’t know me / You competence owe me / But dog you’ll never know me”, the musician bears a profound stomach that has tubes and wires trustworthy to it.

Next, we see Arca in an non-stop sea shell, anchored by chains, a visuals take impulse from Sandro Botticelli’s barbarous 1480 painting, Birth of Venus. Continuing a futurist and somewhat dystopian feel, a video echos a beats of a song, that welcome incongruous and complicated drum rhythms.

The video ends with Arca confronting another chronicle of herself, finishing off a a lane with a lyrics: “I can be accessible or we can be feign / we can be genuine or we can lick a taste / I could be voluptuous / Or we could be sad, act bad… What a provide it is to be non-binary, matriarch cherie… bitch.” 

In a new talk with PAPER, a artist discusssed identity. “I’m seeking for approval that we have mixed selves but denying that there’s a unaccompanied unit,” she explained. “I wish to be seen as an ecosystem of teenager self-states but being nude of a grace of being a whole. It gives me a feeling of possibility, to not concede for easy categorisation.” 

Watch a video for “Nonbinary” below.

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