Apple’s Radical ‘All-New’ iPhone Suddenly Takes Shape


05/27 Update below. This post was creatively published on May 26

Apple’s 2020 iPhone 12 choice already looks exceptional. But now Apple’s many some-more radical iPhones skeleton have been revealed.

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The news comes around ‘Fudge’, a new though so distant arguable Apple insider who formerly showed off images of a iPhone 12 redesign dark inside iOS 14 code. And what he now reveals is Apple’s many radical iPhone change in years. He states that Apple has motionless to cancel a skeleton to transition a iPhone 12 to USB-C and will hang with Lightning. The eye-opening effect of this is Apple will afterwards kill off a Lightning pier on a 2021 iPhone and reinstate it not with USB-C, though a Smart Connector for a entirely portless design. 

05/27 Update: Fudge has combined serve updates, explaining that a Smart Connector, notwithstanding being magnetic, is not being designed as a entirely fledged ‘MagSafe for iPhone’ system. He understands that it is not designed to be an choice connected charging option, nor a tie for quick information transfer. Notably, he points out that Apple’s iPad Pro operation – that has used a Smart Connector given 2015 and has a veteran aim marketplace – has not had any speed increases in dual generations. Consequently, Apple’s 2021 iPhone skeleton looked to be focused on wireless charging above all with a Smart Connector combined to deliver a new operation of intelligent accessories. This is expected to be hugely divisive.

Spelling out how disruptive Apple’s plan is, Fudge explains that Apple will not use a Smart Connector for connected charging, instead users will be “expected” to transition to wireless. Like stream iPhones, a 2021 models will be concordant with stream wireless charging standards and Apple’s rejuvenated AirPower project. 

And it gets even some-more impassioned (read: controversial) from here, with a insider observant that a effect of this entirely wireless switch is Apple will no longer gold EarPods with a 2021 iPhones to “encourage” AirPod sales. 

So what are a advantages of bypassing USB-C and jumping true from Lightning to a Smart Connector? The asocial response is some-more income for Apple. Aside from increasing AirPod sales, a Smart Connector (unlike USB-C) is exclusive Apple tech so it can assign appendage makers a looseness cost as it does for Lightning. For consumers, a Smart Connector is captivating so snap-on accessories like keyboards are expected to turn renouned but, notwithstanding being flush, a connector is not waterproof so it will need to be upgraded for iPhones to keep their H2O insurgency credentials. 

The downside, of course, is a elementary dream of charging your MacBook and iPhone with a same wire now looks to be dead. Fudge says Apple is committed to this pierce and, whatever a machinations in a final 2021 iPhone build, “Portless is entrance possibly way.” This information tallies with that of Jon Prosser, a standout Apple leaker this year, who claims Apple’s position towards a iPhone can be summed adult as “Never USB-C.”

Needless to say, a preference is expected to polarize Apple fans. Those who like to live on a slicing corner will be excited, though it will also make others cruise upgrading to this year’s safer iPhone 12 instead. And given we already know a iPhone 12 models will deliver new shade sizes, 5G opposite a range, a potentially groundbreaking new chipset, a new LiDAR sensor and – many surprisingly – a poignant cost cut, that might good be a intelligent move. 


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