Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro is (probably) a best laptop for you


In many ways Apple’s latest MacBook Pro 13-inch is a great, yet mediocre laptop. It looks roughly matching to a indication it replaces, is somewhat some-more absolute depending on that pattern we opt for and comes with a redesigned keyboard. Compared to a illusory new MacBook Air and final years’ revelatory MacBook Pro 16-inch, it’s distant some-more of an iterative affair. Compared to a fickle iPad Pro it is a decidedly out-of-date force for creativity.

Nevertheless, a 13-inch Pro stays a laptop of choice for a ruin of a lot of people. It’s a indication we’ve used roughly each day for a final dual years, attack that honeyed mark between portability and practicality. If we have critical work to get finished on a MacBook, this Pro has mostly been best-suited to a challenge. Can it still live adult to that lofty billing? We’ve been regulating one for a final week to find out.

New keyboard. Same design

While no one could contend a MacBook Pro 13-inch represents a hulk jump for laptop-kind, it does during slightest urge on a facets that weren’t so constrained about a former incarnation. By that we meant it introduces a vastly higher Magic Keyboard pattern that’s already been implemented opposite each other MacBook going and even a iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard case.

In essence, a Magic Keyboard replaces a Pro’s shoal and breakage-prone moth resource of aged with a normal scissor switch design. It’s one of those things that sounds like a comparatively teenager tweak yet is transformative, creation your typing a whole lot some-more pleasant. If we have a pursuit such as ours, where your life revolves around deadlines that go right adult to a unequivocally final minute, afterwards this new keyboard is value a ascent alone.

Keys are chunky, have copiousness of transport and unequivocally feel as yet they can withstand a demoniac pummelling in a name of your latest existential crisis. It’s on standard with a Dell XPS 13’s likewise glorious setup and even comes with “classic” facilities such as a bona fide shun pivotal and inverted-T arrow keys. You also get Apple’s Touch Bar – even on a entry-level indication – that offers adult a quarrel of contextual touch-controlled buttons according to a module you’re using, in lieu of a normal organic keys. Honestly, it’s not a game-changer yet can infer useful each so often, when we wish to fast leave a Zoom call or bookmark a webpage.

Big picture: a MacBook Pro 13-inch is a lot easier to live with now and that’s since this new keyboard is a honestly large deal. Even if a laptop as a whole doesn’t demeanour all that opposite to a half-trained eye. Apple’s comely aluminium unibody pattern stays and is still as large as it’s ever been.

Double double

If you’re awaiting any other vital sea changes with this Pro, that’s only not a box here. There’s no stretched 14-inch shade as we saw with a bigger hermit – nonetheless a 13.3-inch arrangement here stays pin-sharp, packaged with colour and easy to review – and that device’s ridiculously considerable orator array is blank too. Given a MacBook Pro 16-inch costs from £2,399 compared to a 13-inch model’s £1,299 starting price, it’s no good warn those facilities have been hold behind in sequence to lure we to spend an additional grand on your subsequent laptop.

In fairness, it’s not like Apple has been stingy here. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro’s internals underline double a storage and memory compared to before for a same RRP, so that means a starting pattern of 8GB RAM with an plenty 256GB SSD for photos, video and all a fast thrown together presentations we could wish for. If we widen to a £1,799 model, we also get double a Thunderbolt 3 (aka USB-C) ports, with 4 in sum and a some-more absolute tenth-gen Intel Core i5 processor instead of a still decent eighth-gen chip found in a entry-level Pro.

Anything we used to do on your aged MacBook Pro, from modifying video in Adobe Premiere to a daily hasten between Slack, Chrome and Spotify, you’ll be means to do here with larger ease. As such, a latest 13-inch doesn’t so many change your expectations as it does reaffirm them. It’s a workhouse meant for many people’s nine-to-five: familiar, arguable and easy to get on with. So even yet it won’t change a world, it’s substantially right for your one.

Battery strife

That’s not to contend we don’t have a few quibbles with a thing. Chiefly, a battery life is a small shorter than we’d like. How we use your MacBook Pro will have a outrageous outcome on how prolonged it’ll wheel on for, yet this 13-inch indication will expected see we by an afternoon’s work, as against to a day that a MacBook Air will some-more or reduction fist through. This isn’t a understanding breaker – generally during a time where we’re all unequivocally many stranded indoors – yet if we don’t lift this laptop’s horse around with we there’s a good possibility you’ll be held brief for stamina during one indicate or another, as we were with a last-gen model.

Also, if your day now consists of shuffling between video calls, afterwards a MacBook Pro’s 720p camera is workable yet not a patch on a selfie camera you’d find on an iPhone or iPad. Considering we’re roughly dual months into quarantine and some people can’t still can’t find a tongue-tied symbol during a organisation chat, there are bigger issues to hand.

MacBook Pro 13-inch verdict

The 13-inch MacBook Pro isn’t a reinvention since it doesn’t need to be. In all honesty, we don’t unequivocally wish that kind of unconditional change for it. The whole indicate of this smaller Pro is that it fits in a middleground between a go-anywhere Air and a super-charged Pro. 

While that can be an ungainly tightrope to walk, this new indication carries off a trapeze act with aplomb. From a pleasing keyboard to a some-more inexhaustible internals, all a changes that have been introduced here are unequivocally many for a better. While we do wish this Pro had a battery for only a few hours some-more stamina, given a choice between any Apple laptop this is a one we’d opt for – and with a lot some-more propensity than before.

From £1,299.

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