Apple’s iPhone SE Can Use iPhone 6, 7, and 8 Cases, But What About Battery Cases?


As we’ve already noted, comparison cases designed for a iPhone 8 will fit a new 2020 iPhone SE customarily fine, given of course, it shares a accurate same earthy pattern and dimensions.

In fact, we should be means to use any box designed for a strange 2014 iPhone 6 leading with a new model, given a measure and parameters of a smaller 4.7-inch models never altered in any suggestive way; customarily a iPhone 7 Plus differed from a before 5.5-inch counterparts due to a further of a second camera lens.

So one of a biggest advantages to picking adult an iPhone SE right now is that we fundamentally have an array of 6 years’ value of cases to select from for your new device, and we indeed think many of a “iPhone SE” cases you’ll be saying in stores now will simply be iPhone 8 cases with new labels on a packages.

This is accurately what happened in 2016 when a strange iPhone SE was expelled — many manufacturers of iPhone 5s cases simply slapped “iPhone SE” on a box and carried on offering a accurate same cases for a new model. So in reality, we think there aren’t unequivocally going to be really many truly new iPhone SE cases entrance out.

However, while harmony with earthy cases is one thing, given all they need to do is to indeed fit onto your iPhone properly, we might be wondering about a harmony with things like battery cases, that customarily block into a iPhone’s Lightning port, or in a box of some of a some-more complicated ones, offer built-in Qi wireless charging.

The good news is that all of these should work though any issues either, theme to a integrate of teenager caveats.

Wireless Battery Cases on iPhone SE

Battery cases that are designed to assign a iPhone wirelessly — that is, to send energy to a iPhone in a same approach that a wireless charging pad would — will apparently work with a iPhone SE customarily fine, given it supports Qi wireless charging in a same approach that a iPhone 8 did before it, and there are no tangible electronic connectors done to a iPhone itself.

That said, there aren’t too many of these cases available. Most of a vital vendors, like Mophie, limited their wireless charging cases to a iPhone X and after models. This was expected due to a fact that battery cases already done for a iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 were also concordant with a iPhone 8, so there was small ground for companies to redesign these cases, as against to simply stability to sell them as-is.

By a way, don’t upset these forms of cases with those where we can recharge a box itself wirelessly. There are a series of cases that offer this capability, though a iPhone itself still docks into a box around a Lightning port, so these are in each other approach a some-more normal battery case.

Traditional Battery Cases on iPhone SE

Traditional battery cases — those that simply block into a Lightning pier — have been around for years, and in fact these were mostly a approach to get wireless charging on your iPhone prolonged before Apple motionless to build it into a iPhone 8. Proprietary wireless charging cases have existed for iPhones for roughly a decade, while Qi-compatible cases began appearing shortly after a Qi customary began gaining traction behind in 2014.

All of a normal battery cases designed for a iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 should work customarily excellent with a iPhone SE, nonetheless there’s an critical catch — we won’t be means to wirelessly assign your iPhone SE while it’s in a battery case, given of march a battery sits in between a iPhone and a wireless charge. It won’t mistreat your iPhone to put it on tip of a wireless horse while it’s in one of these battery cases, though it won’t do anything either.

In fact, Nick Guy of Wirecutter, a male who knows his iPhone cases really well, offering some discernment on a theme by contrast Apple’s iPhone 7 battery box with a new iPhone SE, confirming that it works accurately as you’d expect.

Guy records that Apple doesn’t guarantee iPhone SE harmony for a intelligent battery case, though afterwards again, a iPhone 8 didn’t make that cut either. The many expected reason we can offer for that is simply a fact that, as we remarkable above, we won’t be means to take advantage of wireless charging during all while a iPhone 8 or iPhone SE are encased in Apple’s Smart Battery case. Since a iPhone 7 didn’t offer wireless charging, this simply wasn’t an emanate with that model.

As Guy points out, however, a box would also have been designed privately for a receiver blueprint in a iPhone 7 in sequence to minimize vigilance interference. In speculation this could meant that we might not get as clever a vigilance with a box on, nonetheless in use there expected wouldn’t be any conspicuous disproportion — Guy reported no vigilance detriment during all, in fact.

Unlike other battery cases, however, Apple’s iPhone 7 Smart Battery box provides parsimonious iOS formation so that we can guard a assign turn of a box battery right from your iPhone close shade or a built-in Battery Widget. This should still work with a iPhone SE as well, given a box is still entirely upheld on a iPhone 7 using a same iOS 13.4 — not to discuss that Apple’s newer intelligent battery cases for a iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro also offer identical features.

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