Apple’s iPhone 8 vs. iPhone SE – Is Upgrading Worth It?


Probably a biggest and most-anticipated refurbish to Apple’s lineup this year is a second-generation iPhone SE. Apple motionless to move behind a classical pattern of a iPhone 8, though ascent a internals with a A13 Bionic Chip, a same chip featured in a iPhone 11.

Apple inaugurated to damp fans who like pocketable devices, permitting them to ascent to a company’s smallest iPhone though losing performance. So, if you’re still rocking a initial iPhone SE, this year is definitively a best time to make an upgrade.

But, what if we have a iPhone 8? It’s not a bad iPhone by any means, and it’ll still get destiny iOS updates for a slightest a few some-more years. Should we make an upgrade? After all, both iPhones demeanour a same on a outside.

If we wish to know if a updated iPhone SE is value it for you, here’s all we need to take into comment before we make a decision.

iPhone 8 vs. iPhone SE: Design

One of a best tools of removing a new smartphone is that code new demeanour and feel. Unfortunately, we won’t get that feeling with a 2020 iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE is many matching to a iPhone 8. The usually approach we can heed one for a other is by looking during a Apple trademark on a back. Like with a iPhone 11, Apple shifted a Apple trademark on a iPhone SE to a core for a some-more exquisite look.

New Apple iPhone SE Featured Image

Other than that, both iPhones demeanour identical, they both have a same 4.7-inch display, a same camera, and even a same 1,821 mAh battery. Although, per battery life, a iPhone SE’s competence final longer due to a some-more fit SoC.

It’s also value mentioning that a iPhone 8 still has 3D touch, that is a underline that lets a shade know how tough we pulpy it. The iPhone SE and a other latest iPhones now implement Haptic Touch, that accomplishes a same thing, though it’s unequivocally not a same.

Apple iPhone Settings 3D Touch
PSGflash / Shutterstock

Both phones also have a same 12-megapixel camera on a back. Although, a cinema a iPhone SE takes are improved interjection to a A13 Bionic chip and a modernized camera software. See a iPhone SE camera review, here.

Overall, a iPhone SE feels like an comparison iPhone on a outside. If we wish to have a some-more complicated looking iPhone, afterwards a SE is not what you’re looking for.

iPhone 8 vs. iPhone SE: Performance

The biggest reason to go from a iPhone 8 to a iPhone SE is a opening of a latter. As mentioned before, Apple motionless to use a same A13 Bionic chip from a iPhone 11 lineup on a iPhone SE. This creates it one of a many absolute smartphones available, and it even outperforms some of a best Android smartphones. But, that doesn’t meant a iPhone 8’s opening is bad.

Most of a time, you’d usually notice that a iPhone 8 is slower when comparing it to a some-more new iPhone side-by-side. However, we competence notice some issues if you’re personification a perfectionist video diversion or you’re modifying 4K video.

If we usually use your iPhone to crop a internet or amicable media, your stream iPhone 8 is some-more than absolute enough. Even if we feel like it’s negligence down, there are things we can do to make it faster.

iPhone 8 vs. iPhone SE: Software

Another thing to keep in mind is software. As of right now, both a iPhone 8 and a iPhone SE are using a latest versions iOS 13. And while we don’t know accurately how most time Apple will keep updating a iPhone 8’s OS, we have prior models as reference.

For instance, a iPhone 6s, that came out in 2015, still supports iOS 13. That’s fundamentally 5 years value of updates. Based on this example, it’s protected to design a iPhone 8 will be adult to date with iOS updates until around 2022. Meaning, we can still wait a while before upgrading your iPhone 8.

That doesn’t meant your iPhone 8 will be able of ancillary a full versions of new software. Even if we have a latest iOS chronicle available, a hardware on a iPhone 8 won’t support each underline Apple adds in a future. Animoji is a ideal example. The iPhone 8 doesn’t have a TrueDepth camera to emanate Animoji, and conjunction does a SE. No program refurbish will change that.

iPhone Animoji True Depth
Hadrian / Shutterstock

The iPhone SE, on a other hand, still is a code new iPhone. Its hardware is able of ancillary any refurbish Apple releases in a future, for during slightest a subsequent few years.

Should You Upgrade to a iPhone SE from an iPhone 8?

While a iPhone SE has some good improvements when compared to a iPhone 8, it’s not adequate of a reason to upgrade. Sure, you’d get a some-more present iPhone, with a improved camera and improved performance, though if your iPhone 8 is still operative correctly, we should wait a while longer before we get a new iPhone.

In a end, it’ll count on your iPhone 8’s condition. If your iPhone 8 already has problems with a battery or is experiencing any other vital issue, you’ll wish to cruise a SE. After all, a iPhone SE combines a best of both worlds, with absolute inner specs in a tiny form cause during an implausible price.

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