Apple’s Clips video editor on iPad adds rodent and trackpad support


Apple’s Clips video origination app now supports mouse, trackpad and Bluetooth keyboard inputs on iPad, as prolonged as you’re using iPadOS 13.4 or later. Along with a series of other facilities enclosed in a latest update, that’ll severely enhance your options for creation torpedo videos.

You’ll be means to emanate a CO duplicate of a shave (including all of a effects) with a Duplicate button, or clout it into tools with a Split tool. Apple also suggests we can “make stickers cocktail on and off a screen” by requesting them to a territory of a shave you’ve split

Speaking of stickers, there are 11 some-more charcterised Mickey and Minnie Mouse stickers to select from, along with updated 8-bit stickers. There’s also a new Game Over print (to finish that ‘80s arcade vibe) and a floral Springtime one. The updated Clips app includes under-the-hood opening and fortitude improvements as well.

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