Apple’s $700 Mac Pro wheels work terribly on skateboards


Unless you’ve been vital in a cavern for a past month, you’ll know that Apple has started offered a set of standalone wheels for a Mac Pro for $700. Yes, it’s ridiculous. At that price, it stands to reason that we substantially wish them to do some-more than only ride your costly Mac Pro around a office. So because not try attaching them to a bottom of a skateboard instead?

That’s accurately what a YouTube channel Braille Skateboarding has attempted in a latest video. They’re technically not a initial people to have had this thought after Unbox Therapy done a temporary skateboard by mixing a wheels with a front row of a Mac Pro, yet as distant as we’re aware, Braille Skateboarding are a initial to have indeed skated on them. They even lift off a successful kickflip.

For a many part, a “Apple Skateboard” works terribly. For example, until a group put a set of normal skateboarding trucks on a board, a wheels constantly focus in all directions. It means we can skateboard sideways, yet it also fundamentally means descending off in a process. The wheels themselves hold adult surprisingly good though, even if a hardware holding them to a house fast started tortuous and breaking.

So yes, it’s a flattering terrible idea, yet it creates for good YouTube content.

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