Apple’s $400 Mac Pro wheels have (another) outrageous problem


When Apple suggested a new Mac Pro in November, it also announced that a set of discretionary wheels would be accessible for a heavyweight machine. It wasn’t until a month after that a cost of pronounced wheels was revealed: $100. Per wheel. That adds an eye-watering $400 to an already eye-watering $5,999 for a Mac Pro (and that’s usually a simple model), with a choice of adding a maxing out a specs for a grand sum of over $53,000. We’ll give we a impulse to dry your eyes.

So problem series one is a cost. And now, YouTuber Marques Brownlee has detected another flattering vital smirch with those wheels: they don’t have brakes. So, if you’re formulation to use them, we competence wish to take a suggestion turn to your table or building first. If it isn’t ideally straight, your $53k Mac Pro competence only hurl off into a nightfall (and it won’t be rolling into a best computers for striking designers list during that rate). 

After examination Brownlee’s video, a repudiation of some arrange of circle close seems flattering glaring. And when it comes to suggestions for how Apple competence repair a problem, Twitter users are on a hurl (ahem). We’re quite lustful of this Wedge Pro judgment (and a talent tagline) by a ever-reliable @JonyIveParody:

(Image credit: @JonyIveParody on Twitter)

While we did gawp during a cost of a Mac Pro and a many ascent options ($999 for a arrangement stand?), we did concur that it isn’t directed during many creatives – you’re some-more expected to find it rolling around a offices or prolongation suites of companies with lots of money to burn. If you’re looking for something some-more affordable (and reduction expected to run away), see today’s best deals below.

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