AppleCare+ for iPad Pro Covers Your Magic Keyboard (And Apple Pencil Too)


If you’re deliberation shelling out $300 or some-more for Apple’s new Magic Keyboard, we might be happy to know that if you’ve also purchased AppleCare+ for your iPad Pro, afterwards a Magic Keyboard gets lonesome in a accurate same plan, not customarily fluctuating a guaranty duration by another year, though subordinate it for random repairs and doing coverage.

At customarily $129 — or $5.99/month — Apple’s AppleCare+ for iPad Pro is indeed a flattering extraordinary understanding when we cruise that a homogeneous coverage for Apple’s stream iPhone models costs extremely some-more and doesn’t yield any appendage coverage during all over a enclosed EarPods.

By contrast, when we squeeze AppleCare+ for a iPad Pro, we not customarily get coverage for a iPad Pro and a battery, though also for any Apple-branded iPad keyboard, including both a Smart Keyboard Folio and a new Magic Keyboard, an Apple Pencil, and even a USB wire and energy adapter and an AirPort bottom hire (should we still occur to have one).

AppleCare+ provides a one-year prolongation on any in-warranty correct coverage, though maybe a biggest advantage is that we also get coverage for adult to dual incidents of “accidental repairs from handling” (ADH) as significantly ignored prices.

To put this in perspective, if we were to moment a shade or differently repairs your iPad Pro though AppleCare+, it would cost we adult to $649 to use a 12.9-inch model, or $499 for a 11-inch version. With AppleCare+, we customarily compensate $49 for adult to dual Service Events within a 24-month coverage period.

However, this coverage also extends to a Magic Keyboard and a Apple Pencil. Apple hasn’t published full use pricing for a Magic Keyboard yet, though a ADH price underneath AppleCare+ is customarily $29 for an “Apple-branded iPad keyboard” or an Apple Pencil; a normal out-of-warranty use price for an Apple Pencil is $109.

A Small Catch

That said, there is a tiny locate here when it comes to appendage coverage. Not customarily do we customarily get dual Service Events in total (not dual per device or accessory), though should we repairs your iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard in a singular incident, Apple will still count that as dual apart Service Events. From a AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions:

“ADH Service for an iPad Input Device will count as a apart Service Event from ADH Service of your iPad and count towards your dual Service Events, even if both your iPad and an iPad Input Device are shop-worn during a same time.”

So deliberation how most aloft correct costs are for a iPad Pro itself, it might be value deliberation saving your ADH Service Events to cover a categorical device, though it’s still a good choice to have, and a choice we won’t have to make until you’re indeed faced with it.

There are a few other some-more apparent exclusions to a ADH coverage with AppleCare+, that fundamentally come down to a fact that it customarily covers accidental damage, so Apple has each right to exclude coverage (or assign full prices) if it becomes apparent that we were designedly abusing a device or regulating it in a approach that wasn’t endorsed by Apple. Repairs for merely cosmetic repairs that doesn’t impact a functionality of a device aren’t lonesome either, so we can’t simply move your device in given it’s scratched adult and design Apple to do something about it.

Loss or burglary isn’t lonesome either. While Apple does offer an extended AppleCare+ devise for iPhone users that adds detriment and burglary protection, this devise isn’t accessible for a iPad. Further, there’s also no coverage for repairs from things like fires and earthquakes, nonetheless we can customarily replenish correct costs ensuing from those kinds of events with some-more normal word policies anyway.

Extended Warranty

All of that carrying been said, it’s critical not to blink a value of a longer guaranty duration either. While there are no guarantees, Apple customarily gives business a advantage of a doubt if a device simply stops operative and doesn’t have any apparent signs of damage.

This means that if a problem pops adult with your Magic Keyboard some-more than a year from now, carrying AppleCare+ means you’re most some-more expected to get it serviced for free, given it will still be underneath a extended AppleCare+ guaranty coverage. These kinds of repairs underneath AppleCare+ don’t count opposite your ADH Service Events, given they don’t engage random damage.

While by all reports a Magic Keyboard is solidly built, it’s still a automatic device, with not customarily a keyboard itself to consider, though also a hinges. This means it’s some-more disposed to problems than a iPad Pro, so you’re some-more expected to advantage from extended correct coverage.

How to Buy AppleCare+

Unfortunately, we can’t buy AppleCare+ with a Magic Keyboard itself, though if you’re adding a Magic Keyboard to an comparison 2018 iPad Pro that already has AppleCare+ coverage, it will get that coverage — although it won’t extend over a strange dual year duration unless we keep profitable for AppleCare+ as a monthly subscription.

However, if you’re grouping a new iPad Pro from Apple, we can supplement AppleCare+ to a selling transport during a checkout routine and you’ll be lonesome right from a start. Note that we do not need to squeeze a Magic Keyboard or Apple Pencil with a iPad Pro for these accessories to validate for coverage.

If you’re already bought a new iPad Pro, we can still supplement AppleCare+ to it for adult to 60 days after a strange date of purchase, and again your Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil will be lonesome during a same time. The easiest approach to do this is to go into a Settings app right on your iPad, where we should see a summary nearby a tip revelation we that AppleCare+ is available, along with a countdown of how many days we still have left to squeeze it.

From here, we can go by a squeeze routine right from your device, given Apple presumably has adequate information from a possess inner iOS diagnostics to know if your device is authorised or not.

This is by distant a easiest approach to squeeze AppleCare+ for a device after a fact, though if we don’t wish to go this way, or a choice isn’t display adult for some reason, we can still squeeze AppleCare+ online, during an Apple Store, or by job Apple Support. In all of these cases, you’ll possibly have to run a remote evidence on your iPad, or if you’re going into a store, contention it for a discerning investigation by an Apple Genius. Since this is fundamentally an word policy, we can’t buy AppleCare+ after you’ve already shop-worn your device only to get cheaper repairs.

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