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Apple Watch Series 5: The health facilities we wanted though didn’t get

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Update, Sept. 18: Read a full rated Apple Watch Series 5 examination here.

Another year, another new iPhone (or three) and a new Apple Watch. This September, Apple denounced a Apple Watch Series 5, with new finishes, an always-on arrangement and a local compass. Despite a expectations, a Series 5 isn’t a outrageous ascent from a Series 4, that is now discontinued. It’s lacking a wellness facilities we expected, such as nap tracking — though, there are a few workarounds to get your Apple Watch to lane your sleep.

With WatchOS 6, we’ll get dual new Apple Watch health features, a Noise app and menstrual cycle tracking. Those will arrive Sept. 19 with a program update. Apple is also launching three health studies in partnership with heading medical investigate schools and organizations that we can join. For during slightest dual of them, you’ll need an Apple Watch and a stirring Research app, that is slated to arrive after this year.

All in all, it was a light year for Apple Watch underline updates. Below, CNET editors call out a health facilities we hoped to get, though didn’t.

Connect with other aptness trackers

I’d like improved formation with other activity trackers. For example, being means to have a step foe with someone wearing a Garmin watch would be cool. I’d also like a ability to span an Apple Watch with an Android phone or PC.

– Caroline Roberts, CNET expansion and rendezvous novice


My tip 3 facilities are:

1. Better battery life (which we didn’t get)
2. Always-on arrangement (which we did!)
3. Coaching 

For coaching, I’d like to get some kind of actionable superintendence that takes into comment my particular data. For instance, if a Apple Watch knows how mostly we exercise, how many time we spend operative out, and how many calories that burns, I’d like it to offer suggestions on what we can do to urge my opening or even remove weight.

– Vanessa Hand Orellana, CNET editor


One of a many constrained Apple Watch health features, a ECG app, arrived final year.

James Martin/CNET

Fully customizable goals

I’d unequivocally like to see a “Stand” idea turn optional. How many can one notation of station per hour do for me, really? And if we mount all day during work, don’t we merit dual true hours of vegging on a couch? So far, shutting a rings any day has been a large barrier we don’t caring to overcome. 

– Sharon Profis, CNET editor

Better transformation stats

I wish we could customize a “Move” idea into a stat that creates clarity for me. Right now, a Move idea is a active calories we bake by all kinds of transformation any day, though that series is incomprehensible to me. Maybe I’ve been conditioned to lane a stairs we take and miles we travel any day by Fitbit, though we wish that red ring would give me a choice to simulate one of those metrics instead.

– Sarah Mitroff, CNET editor


Currently, we can customize a series of calories we have to bake to tighten a “move” ring though not what a ring tracks. 

Angela Lang/CNET

More flexibility

I’m not a fan of wearing a watch while cycling — generally if I’m roving outside. we wish we could detach a Apple Watch box from a competition rope and shave it to a chest strap, where it would lane my heart rate and promulgate with my bike computer. 

– Danielle Kosecki, CNET wellness tech contributor

Advanced nap tracking

I’d like to finally see a extensive built-in nap tracker — and adequate battery life to support during slightest dual uninterrupted nights. For a $400 watch, we don’t consider we should have to squeeze a delegate nap tracker. 

– Amanda Capritto, CNET wellness tech contributor