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It's me Todd, your beam to a Apple TV.

You competence now use your Apple TV to tide music, watch Netflix and lease movies.

It’s good for all of those things, though it can also do a lot more. Sometimes we only need to know where to look.

By meaningful a right settings, a correct Siri commands and a few special apps, we can use your Apple TV for all from relaxing down during a finish of a day to determining a lights.

Here are some Apple TV tips and tricks to assistance we get a many out of it.

The Apple TV remote is terrible.


Siri can be used to uncover information during a bottom of a screen, too. If we ask it a questions like, “Who won a Eagles game?” for example, Siri will uncover that a Eagles mislaid to a Saints, with a measure and a logos of any group and a outline of a game.

If we ask a weather, Siri will uncover a stream heat and a trademark representing a continue (like a cloud). But, oddly, Siri can’t answer some other things that it does on a phone, like how high a Empire State Building is or how prolonged it will take we to get to work.

Order food from apps like GrubHub

Shh, I'm meditating with my Apple TV.

Watch CNBC on your Apple TV.

Use Siri to rewind or quick brazen or to find content

You don’t have to fiddle with a remote to find a controls to quick brazen or rewind while examination a movie. You can ask Siri to do it for we by drumming a microphone symbol on a remote. You can use Siri to quick brazen or to rewind.

(Tip: Say “Fast brazen 20 minutes” to pierce serve ahead.)

You can also use Siri to find specific forms of content, like comedy movies, or cinema starring a specific person. The fastest approach to play and pause, however, is to only daub a play/pause symbol on your Apple TV remote.


Play around with opposite apps and puncture around in a settings menus to find even some-more things we can do with a Apple TV. Or, if we don’t possess an Apple TV, check out my beam to regulating a Amazon Fire TV.

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