Apple to launch several Macs with ARM chip in 2020


Apple skeleton to launch several MacBook and iMac models with tradition ARM processors in 2020. The information was supposing to MacRumors by researcher Ming-Chi Kuo, famous for expecting Apple news. In this sense, he stressed that, as it is a cheaper solution, a prolongation cost of a machines contingency be reduced between 40% and 60%, thus, this would make them some-more rival in a market.

For Kuo, a preference should offer Apple some-more flexibility, that would not count on Intel’s recover report for member updates – something that would have impacted a calendar for new Macs in a past. He also predicts that a initial MacBooks with an ARM processor would be launched between a fourth entertain of 2020 or a initial entertain of 2021; while destiny iMacs would strike stores subsequent year.

The researcher also suggested to a website that these Apple inclination would accept a new USB4 pier customary in 2022. The change would concede send speeds of 40 Gbps with support for adult to dual 4k monitors or a 5k screen, connected with only one cable. According to Kuo, this resolution would be supposing by a Taiwanese association ASMedia Technology.

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