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Apple StudioPods − All we need to know about a rumoured Apple over ear headphones

We’ve listened hearsay for some time about a Apple StudioPods, though there’s been small petrify justification so far. However, that could all be about to change, with reports suggesting a initial Apple over ear headphones are about to launch.

Previous conjecture suggested that Apple’s over-ear headphones could mangle cover during a Mar ‘Show Time’ event, though that never materialised. Instead a AirPods 2019 were launched, with a Beats PowerBeats Pro announced shortly after.

But with WWDC 2019 about to start, rumours have strong that Apple could announce a new span of headphones. Here’s all we know so distant about a Apple over ear headphones.

Apple StudioPods − Design and features

In 2018, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo settled that Apple was looking to recover “its own-brand, high-end over-ear headphones with all-new design; to be as available as AirPods with improved sound quality”. Ming rightly expected a new AirPods, so we take condolence in observant he’s substantially in a right area with these over-ear headphones.

Since then, they’ve been dubbed a Apple StudioPods, that mirrors a firm’s fixing conventions for a audio products.

What would they demeanour like and what facilities would they have? Right now, all is a bit of a gash in a dark. Based on Apple’s prior efforts in a headphone market, we have a beam of sorts to a pattern track it could take with a Apple over ear headphones. German site Curved/Labs has had a go during devising an Apple over ear, and a renders demeanour like a multiple of a AirPod and HomePod.

We really pattern them in a white finish. Unlike a Beats brands, Apple doesn’t seem too meddlesome in opposite colour options, settling in on a purify white finish for a AirPods.

If a StudioPods are real, they’re certain to underline Apple’s new H1 chip that enables faster tie to devices, Siri voice control and Bluetooth 5.

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Tech site Macworld creates note of active noise-cancellation and wireless charging. The former seems likely, deliberation a suppositious rivals also have this feature. And Apple’s support of wireless charging with a 2019 AirPods would make clarity and expected concede Apple to explain a aloft cost too.

Apple’s AirPods are eminent for their prolonged durability battery life, with a 2019 chronicle carrying adequate assign (via a charging case) for a day. We’d pattern something identical from these Apple over-ears with many noise-cancelling/wireless headphones commanding out during 30 hours. Could a StudioPods kick them? Considering a AirPods can go on for distant most some-more than other loyal wireless earbuds, we wouldn’t put it past them.

What else? Touch controls are likely, as good as a Lightning connection. Apple ditched a 3.5mm jack from a iPhones in foster of a Lightning connector creates this really likely. Any harmony issues would be resolved by including a Lightning Cable adapter.

Apple StudioPods − Sound quality

Apple’s AirPods haven’t put in a renowned opening in terms of audio quality. We felt a 2019 AirPods were most a same in a audio dialect as a originals, with “overly bassy marks feeling diseased and messy” and formidable orchestration entrance opposite like audio soup. The miss of sound siege hampers audio opening too. Suffice to contend that Apple would need to step it adult in this regard.

An over-ear would naturally over improved insurance from outmost noises interjection to a hermetic enclosure. Higher-end designs have mostly followed an open-backed pattern we’d pattern these Apple over-ears to be closed-backed.

Bigger drivers should also concede for a bigger and (hopefully) improved sound. Would Apple take impulse from Beats’ possess headphones? That’s not out of a realms of probability and while Beats has been famous for a bass-heavy audio signature in a past, a PowerBeats Pro did take movement to revoke that comfortable sound.

Whatever a case, a StudioPods would need to compare a peculiarity of Bowers Wilkins PX, BO’s BeoPlay H9i and the Sony WH-1000XM3 to mount a possibility in that market. That’s no easy feat.

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Apple StudioPods − Price

They positively won’t be cheap. Apple has always ordered a aloft cost for a products and we pattern a StudioPods to be no different.

Bloomberg reported in Jun 2018 that a Apple over-ears were set to contest with a likes of Bose and Sennheiser. That suggests a cost operation of around £350/$399, that would put it alongside a recently announced Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.

Could they be some-more expensive? BO’s BeoPlay H9i has an RRP of £450, though BO is a high-end oppulance code so however most these headphones finish adult costing, we wouldn’t pattern them to be over £400 if they wanted to be rival for price.

Apple StudioPods − Release date

Reports have pegged a recover date of 2019. Some reports have suggested a initial half of 2019, that would make Jun a final possibility for that to be true.

The StudioPods were primarily suspicion to be entrance out in 2018, though due to vague developmental challenges, a headphones were suspicion to have been pushed behind to this year.

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