Apple Rush Announces Official Launch of Element C Hemp Extract Infused Beverages


TITUSVILLE, Fla.— The Apple Rush Company, Inc. is unapproachable to refurbish a constant shareholders on a scheduled prolongation of a formerly announced hemp remove infused stimulating beverages.

Tony Torgerud, CEO of Apple Rush, said, “Certainly we sojourn committed to National and International enlargement of a strange 4 extraordinary Apple Rush 100% stimulating juices, though currently we start producing a line of a healthy, good tasting beverages underneath a Element Brands umbrella. The products have been formulated formed on a profiles of a already successful Apple Rush stimulating juice. We have spent several months building a endless selling and branding beginning for Element Brands and was grown by a partnership of a CMO Nick Kinports, and other advisory residence members. Element C, a initial of a line extensions was combined with a uninformed purify demeanour for a sell consumer. This initial run was combined for a customers’ analysis of a capabilities as a manufacturer. We will be producing approximately 500 cases of any product, have presold a vast apportionment of a production, and are holding additional orders from people as good before to a placement push.” Jason Atwell, COO of Apple Rush added, “What happens when we mix a belligerent violation routine with an already successful formulation? You get Element Brands, 12 oz drinks consisting of seltzer, juice, CBD, and/or Kratom that is constructed with a high peculiarity water-soluble remove of a active mixture combined in house. These beverages continue a tradition of being Non GMO, No Sugar Added, No Preservatives, and Vegan. We are vehement to move a initial central new code on residence and demeanour brazen to an stimulating 2020.”

“Element C has a same good tasting remove bottom as Apple Rush, doesn’t have an unattractive aftertaste or bleached character residue, is lower in calories and is infused with 25mg of Hemp CBD. After endless RD we are unapproachable to recover a CBD libation that is easy drinking” says advisory residence member Gerrit A. Topp.

“The routine is finished by APRU’s internally grown infusing process, that was grown in-house during APRU, and can be used to interpose beverages with many other active ingredients. We have partnered with a tiny qualification brewery, Brew Theory, in Orlando Florida. Jeremy Roberts, CEO, has committed to yield us a superb wrapping partnership that will concede us to launch new products with shorter lead times than compulsory by a categorical brewer,” continued Tony.

Jeremy said, “We are vehement to be partial of a launch and new expansion of Element C. We see a good event within a difficulty of infused beverages and are vehement to partner with APRU. We will be producing some tiny run tests in a destiny to assistance in a expansion of infused beverages.”

Apple Rush will be regulating a believe and production technologies to rise and launch new products on a unchanging basis. Our group of advisors will assist us in marketing, development, and sales of any of a product lines. “We will be rising some-more Element Brand products this year as we continue to accelerate expansion and strech a assertive skeleton for a brands.” said Jason Atwell, COO of Apple Rush.

About The Apple Rush Company, Inc.

The Apple Rush Company, Inc., by a auxiliary APRU, LLC, is a distributor of cpg products underneath a copyright Apple Rush code and other labels. The Apple Rush code has some-more than 40 years of existence in a healthy libation industry. As a chronological personality in a organic and healthy libation zone a idea is to also turn a personality in a placement of anhydrous hemp oil products nationwide. For some-more information, greatfully go to  Also entrance soon


APRU, LLC focuses on a expansion and sales of all healthy Apple Rush stimulating juices, and investigate and development, of reward hemp extracts that enclose a extended operation of cannabinoids and healthy hemp derivatives and other active mixture such as a disdainful agathos active, kratom, kava, blue lotus, and ginseng. or on Twitter @RealAPRU_News.

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