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Apple revamps TV app for approach subscriptions to channels

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Apple users will be means to concede to HBO, Showtime and a handful of other channels directly by Apple’s new TV app, bypassing a need to download or launch a apart app. The new capabilities accessible Monday come forward of Apple’s devise to offer a possess strange shows, including ones from Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg. Those shows will be partial of an Apple TV Plus subscription entrance after this year for a yet-to-be disclosed price.

Hulu and Amazon already offer reward channels as add-ons to their unchanging subscriptions, and both have strange shows. Apple is perplexing to locate adult on streaming video to make adult for a slack in iPhone sales.

Although those channels are already accessible as partial of particular apps for iPhones, iPads or Apple TV, shopping subscriptions by Apple will concede users to watch those videos directly in Apple’s app.

They’ll also be means to download videos to watch when there isn’t an internet connection, something not always accessible by a particular apps.

One catch: Subscriptions by a new Apple TV app and particular channel apps are treated separately. So to get a download feature, users would need to cancel their existent HBO subscription and pointer adult again by Apple TV. Once they do that, they’ll no longer be means to watch by HBO’s possess app.

The new Apple TV app will also incorporate shows and cinema bought by Apple’s iTunes store and will deliver a new territory with kid-friendly videos.