Apple responding to ‘bent’ iPad Pro controversy, insists flatness ‘tighter than prior generations’


Some iPad business have been hurt by a criticism Apple done progressing this week to The Verge, saying that 2018 iPad Pros that come focussed are normal and that Apple will not be replacing focussed iPad Pros underneath warranty.

However, according to an email performed by a 9to5Mac reader, Apple SVP of Hardware Engineering Dan Riccio says that a new iPad Pro “meets or exceeds all of Apple’s high peculiarity standards of pattern and pointing manufacturing” and that it “carefully engineered it”.

Riccio says that a new iPad Pro flatness selection is adult to “400 microns” that he says is “tighter than prior generations”. To put this into perspective, 400 microns is reduction than half a millimeter. Again, Apple is observant that this movement (and any variations done after production) will not change during normal use of a product.

Naturally, users were angry with a strange report, with some users posting photos to amicable media display their iPad Pro’s with bends that should not’ve done it past peculiarity control. Riccio says that The Verge essay does not embody a association statement, and to design a grave matter to be sent to publications ‘today’.

The strange emanate seems to be associated to how a iPad Pro’s steel and cosmetic is cooled during production. These issues seem right when users open a box. According to Apple, it’s a non-issue and is “normal”.

Do we possess a new iPad Pro? Is it bent? Let us know in a comments below!

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