Apple Releases iOS 13.4.1: Surprise Update With Important Fixes


Last month, Apple expelled iOS 13.4, a large refurbish with lots of features, as you’ll see below. But now, there’s another update.  latest Apple iOS 13 refurbish has only forsaken and it’s one that is essentially designed to smash bugs, including an critical one that impacted FaceTime.

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Here’s all critical in this update, and how to download and implement it. Since iPadOS 13.4.1 has an additional bug squish, that’s here, too.

How to get it

You’re aged hands during this, yet only in box you’re not The new handling program is now accessible to download on concordant iPhones, with iPadOS 13.4.1 also prepared for concordant iPads. Go to Settings, afterwards General, afterwards Software Update. Click on Download and Install, and leave it alone to work a magic.

What’s in a update?

FaceTime Fix

One of a variable consequences of installing iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 was that FaceTime calls competence not work if we were FaceTime-calling someone who had iOS 9.3.6 or progressing versions of macOS, privately El Capitan 10.11.6 or earlier. This has now been fixed, Apple says.

Choosing Bluetooth from Quick Actions

There was an emanate with a Settings app where, if we wanted to select Bluetooth from a Quick Actions Menu, a one on a Home Screen when we suitable down from a top-right corner, it competence not do what it should. With 13.4.1, all should work only excellent again.

iPadOS 13.4.1 flashlight issue

This sorts an emanate on a many new iPad Pro models. That’s a fourth-generation 12.9-inch and second-generation 11-inch iPad Pro. Tapping a Flashlight symbol in Control Center or on a Lock shade could outcome in zero happening. Which, obviously, wasn’t a plan. This positively wasn’t universal, we never gifted it, yet this refurbish should correct it.

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The prior iOS 13 updates

iOS 13.4

Released on 24 Mar 2020, this was a outrageous refurbish with lots of new features. For example, Mail has had a toolbar significantly improved, and if you’re replying to an encrypted email, your respond will be encrypted, too.

The sister to iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4, enclosed trackpad support so that a latest iPad Pro can be used in a some-more laptop-like approach than ever. A underline that came and afterwards went away, iCloud Folder Sharing, came behind again so we can share papers easily. New Memoji stickers arrived with 9 new choices, including celebration face and hands pulpy together. Universal squeeze support arrived for a App Store, definition we can buy an app so it works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV all together, presumption a app supports this. As for Arcade games, recently played ones will seem in a Arcade add-on so we can keep personification on any platform. Though there was no discuss of CarKey, a super-cool component likely formerly that suggested we could clear and expostulate your concordant automobile only by regulating your iPhone, there was additional information in a CarPlay Dashboard and support for other navigation apps in a CarPlay dashboard. The keyboard now supports predictive typing for Arabic in this chronicle and there were copiousness of bugs fixed, too

iOS 13.3.1

This landed on Wednesday, Jan 29. One of a categorical focuses was on a U1 chip. It’s on a iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and is a cold square of kit. It allows we to AirDrop to a circuitously iPhone 11 some-more easily. But it transpired that this chip continued to lane user plcae even when plcae services were incited off. A toggle in Settings means we can spin off Bluetooth, Wi-fi and Ultra Wideband.

There were copiousness of fixes. The initial correct associated to Screen Time and Communication Limits. Previously, it was probable for someone to get spin a Limits though entering a passcode. That’s been sorted as has an emanate with Deep Fusion photos, a Face Time problem, twisted sound in some cars regulating CarPlay, pull notifications not entrance by on wi-fi and connectivity issues for users on a British O2 network. Problems in Mail were also fixed. Finally, Apple combined Indian English Siri voices for HomePod.

iOS 13.3

Released on Tuesday, Dec 10, this big-number refurbish had a garland of changes. It updated a blueprint for some newspapers in Apple News+, softened Screen Time parental controls (though a serve correct was indispensable in iOS 13.3.1) and softened a Stocks app. Beyond that, it was all fixes and bug squishes, including how video clips are created, support for confidence keys, remade an emanate in Gmail, sorted an emanate in calm entrance regulating a long-press on a space bar to concede a moveable cursor and resolved an emanate in Voice Memos.

And as explanation that hardware is influenced by software, some wireless chargers were charging some-more solemnly than they should. This program refurbish should have directed to correct that.

iOS 13.2.3

This was a final refurbish before a new iOS 13.3. It went live on Monday, Nov 18, 2019. A smallish and astonishing update, it directed to correct problems, including a following. System searches inside Mail weren’t operative utterly right, nor in Files or Notes. This refurbish sought to correct this. Similarly, where Messages had an emanate with displaying photos and attachments, this refurbish was there to arrange it. Apps that weren’t downloading calm in a credentials before were resolved in this update, hopefully. Oh, and Exchange accounts that weren’t removing new messages or other calm were a concentration of this update, too.

iOS 13.2.2

Released on Thursday, Nov 7, 2019, this refurbish sought to correct a approach apps regulating in a credentials kept quitting. It also attempted to get absolved of proxy detriment of dungeon signal, and bound how some encrypted email messages between Exchange accounts were unreadable.

iOS 13.2.1

Don’t worry if we missed this one. Unless we have a HomePod, we literally wouldn’t have seen it. It was there to correct issues caused by iOS 13.2 that finished some HomePods spin into useless, oversized paperweights. What that refurbish had meant to do was supplement new HomePod features. These arrived in all their excellence with this visual update, when iOS 13.2.1 went live on Oct 30, 2019, only 48 hours after iOS 13.2. Something of a record, surely?

With iOS 13.2.1 HomePods were postulated a ability to commend opposite family members’ voices, song could be combined to HomeKit scenes, we could palm off music, podcasts and phone calls only by bringing your iPhone nearby to a HomePod. Oh, and if we like ambient sounds, these arrived in this update, with a trickery to set a nap timer to these calm noises.

iOS 13.2

A large update, this. expelled on Monday, Oct 28, 2019. Marquee facilities embody Deep Fusion, a new camera underline that improves images taken in middle and low light. Siri Privacy settings were updated with this recover – also an critical step forward. Foundations were laid for a new Research app that could have a large impact on health information collection. Oh, and scores of new emoji were set free. AirPods Pro in-ear headphones are upheld in this release. More facilities including Siri reading out your messages were also included.

iOS 13.1.3

This was another warn release, out on Oct 15, 2019. It was directed during regulating issues some-more than anything else. Some inclination didn’t ring or quiver when a call came in – kind of critical for a phone, right? That was bound in this update. As was an emanate with Voice Memos not downloading or problems where assembly invites didn’t open in Mail. A U.K.-focused correct was finished so that Health information would arrangement scrupulously after British Summer Time finished (which was yesterday, Oct 27, by a way).

Issues that saw a Apple Watch not pairing with an iPhone and notifications not entrance by to a Watch were also fixed. Other fixes enclosed apps not downloading after an iCloud Backup and softened connectivity between Bluetooth conference aids and Apple devices. Launch opening of apps in Game Center were addressed and one relating to Bluetooth connectivity in certain vehicles. Lots of fixes, then.

iOS 13.1.2

September 30, 2019 was a recover date for this new update, only one weekend after than 13.1.1. It’s another bug fixer to do with iCloud Backup, for instance that showed a swell bar even after being completed. A malfunctioning camera was bound here, too, as was a flashlight unwell to initiate. Like in 13.1.3, this refurbish sought to residence an emanate with Bluetooth dropping on some vehicles. There was also a arrangement emanate for a iPhone and a correct for problems regulating shortcuts from Apple HomePod.

iOS 13.1.1

This refurbish launched on Sep 27, 2019. The large component was a correct for a smirch that led some third-party keyboards entrance a iPhone even when accede hadn’t been granted.

It also offering a resolution to problems with battery drain, rather in contrariety to a battery life benefit that iOS 13 is all about.

Restoring from a backup was a problem in this refurbish as good as a latest one. Siri approval is softened and syncing in Reminders shouldn’t be delayed any longer.

iOS 13.1

This came out on Sep 24, 2019 and sought to correct issues and smash bugs such as problems opening a camera properly, improperly working wallpapers, calm entrance issues and so on. There was also a correct to a battery government problem. New facilities enclosed activating a U1 chip in a latest iPhones that gives a handsets a form of spatial awareness, improving AirDrop immediately and with other advantages set to follow. The Shortcuts app also saw additional support and some-more features. The trickery to send your ETA to others from Maps was added.

iOS 13

Released on Sep 19, 2019, this was a really large recover with an awful lot in it. For full details, review a indepth research here. Features include:

Dark mode to make a iPhone’s interface reduction vivid in a low-light environment, for instance. App developers can confederate Dark Mode into their apps so that a iPhone has a unchanging look. Sign in with Apple lets we pointer adult to apps with your Apple ID and Apple will keep a site or app during arm’s length. You can pointer in regulating Face ID or Touch ID as appropriate. Maps has been updated with a new street-level demeanour and in-depth mapping on comparison cities.

Photos and Camera apps have been severely altered with a new demeanour to a Photos add-on and poignant modifying upgrades. Siri sounds some-more healthy and will offer personalized recommendations. Reminders has been totally overhauled, and Notes has a new gallery view. Find My combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. It will assistance to locate offline devices, too.

QuickPath is a new approach to enter calm by swiping. It’s really cool.

Text modifying has been improved, yet a superb magnifying potion that used to seem when we overwhelmed a word, creation it manifest even yet a word itself was dark underneath your thumb, say, has gone. we wish it’s entrance behind soon.

Among a diverse treats are a pro-active complement that tells we that apps have been accessing your location, for example. A summary says how mostly it has finished so in a set duration of time and we can leave things as they are or adjust. It’s a really elementary yet rarely calming detail.


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