Apple patents intelligent ring ‘remote control’


For a while now, Apple has been building record that could finish adult in a intelligent ring. The association has filed a series of associated obvious applications over a years, covering – among other things – health functions and control of other devices.

An refurbish to a prior focus has now been published, reports AppleInsider, and shows how such a ring could be used in place of a indicating device or remote control for another Apple product. You’d simply indicate a ring during a a device we wish to control.

For example, if we have mixed HomePod speakers and wish to reduce a volume on one of them, we can daub a ring, perform some kind of gesticulate or correlate with a tiny touchscreen built into a ring.

Apple pundits assume that this could be a new area for a use of ultra wideband technology, now found in some iPhone models. Today, these are used to aim AirDrop transfers by touching a phone we wish to send to.

Last year, an Apple obvious was published display a intelligent ring that houses several sensors to magnitude physique functions.

It’s been transparent for years that Apple wants to browbeat a wearables space; aside from a Apple Watch and a intelligent ring discussed in this article, there have been numerous patents associated to an Apple VR headset and a set of AR glasses.

This essay creatively seemed on MacWorld Sweden. Translation by David Price.

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