Apple once again lets we buy as many iPhones as we can means – news


Just in box your thought of self-quarantine is hoarding as many iPhones as possible, Apple has your back. The association has now topsy-turvy a position on how many of a smartphones we are authorised to buy in one go.

Last week, it emerged that Apple was commanding a purchasing extent of usually dual units during a time. It looks like that was usually current over a weekend, as a extent is now gone. You can once again sequence as many iPhones as we please. Or, we know, as many as your bank comment will let you.

Apple once again lets we buy as many iPhones as we can afford

Well, that’s not technically loyal – there still is a limit, it’s usually that it’s 999 units. So unless you’re unequivocally abounding and can’t consider of anything else to do with all that money, you’ll be fine.

The low boundary on series of equipment purchased are still there and enforced for some iPad and MacBook models, though. Apple has close all of a earthy stores outward of mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao, in a arise of a COVID-19 pandemic.


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