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Apple charity tradition ‘Grammy Awards experience’ and 4 months giveaway of Apple Music around Shazam

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Apple strictly finished a merger of strain tagging use Shazam a few months ago. Now, it’s putting a app to use to foster an “Apple Music special offer” during The Grammys tonight…

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In a story on a App Store today, Apple touts that if we use Shazam during any indicate of The Grammys this evening, you’ll clear a special Apple Music-based experience.

First, if we Shazam during The Grammys, you’ll be means to see a full outline of a event. This will embody a full timeline of strain from a show. You can also see a outline of songs in real-time as they are performed.

Most particularly for new subscribers, however, is a special Apple Music offer. Apple says new subscribers who use Shazam during The Grammys will be means to sign-up for Apple Music and accept 4 months for free:

Viewers during home can also Shazam a Grammy Awards during any indicate during a promote to brand songs from a awards uncover and clear a special offer from Apple Music.

To do this, open a Shazam app, daub to listen, and get a tradition Grammy Awards knowledge highlighting any strain being achieved in genuine time – and a full timeline of strain from a night.

The Apple Music special offer will also be featured in a knowledge and concede new subscribers to pointer adult and accept 4 months free.

This isn’t a initial time new subscribers have been means to close in 4 months of Apple Music for free. Apple customarily offers a 3-month giveaway trial, though some offers have extended that hearing to 4 months. Last year, Groupon offering a 4-month giveaway hearing to Apple Music on several occasions, for instance.

The Grammys flog off during 8PM ET tonight. If you’re looking to try out Apple Music, this is your shot to extend a customary 3-month giveaway trial.

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