Apple now has an central TikTok account, though it hasn’t posted anything only yet


Apple is solemnly apropos some-more active on amicable networks, generally on Instagram with photos and videos shot on iPhone. Today some users have beheld that there’s a new accurate form of Apple on TikTok, that competence prove that a association has skeleton to share some calm there.

The comment (@apple) is comparatively new and it has usually 1312 supporters by a time of essay this article. There’s no biography, videos, or anything other than a corroboration badge, that legitimates that it’s an central account.

We’re not certain what Apple’s skeleton are for this TikTok account, though there are dual expected possibilities. First, Apple can use TikTok to strengthen a #ShotoniPhone campaign, that can be deliberate a success on Instagram where Apple has over 23 million followers. While TikTok is essentially focused on interesting videos, Apple can really share calm that has been shot and edited with a iPhone.

And second, this competence only a business comment and Apple is not formulation to share videos with a public, that comes as no warn deliberation how a association uses Twitter. Apple has been using some ads on TikTok for some time, so this comment competence be associated to that.

Either way, as TikTok is apropos increasingly popular, it creates clarity for Apple to have a possess form there. TikTok now has 800 million active users around a world, and that series can’t be ignored.