Apple News+ audio stories planned, though publishers fear a worst


Apple News+ audio stories could be a company’s subsequent bid to attract subscribers to a subscription news service.

A new news currently – corroborating one of a possess sources – says that Apple has pitched a suspicion to during slightest 4 publishers as a zero-cost approach to attract a broader audience, though publishers consider it could indeed make matters worse …

Digiday reports.

Apple News+ is pivoting to audio.

Over a past several months, Apple has been seeking a publishers participating in a year-old reward module for accede to furnish audio versions of a stories distributed there, according to sources during 4 opposite publishers that have listened a pitch.

Apple will hoop prolongation costs, and recompense publishers in a same approach it compensates them for a created calm accessible on Apple News+, dual sources said; Apple metes out 50% of subscriber income to publishers formed on how many time those subscribers spend with publishers’ calm in a 30-day period.

Our possess source tells us that Apple skeleton to use actors to review long-form pieces.

The news says that Apple’s strange devise was that it would select a pieces, though rights issues done this impractical, forcing a rethink.

Sources during dual publishers pronounced Apple primarily wanted accede to furnish audio versions of whatever story they suspicion competence be a good fit for a audience.

Those dual sources pronounced that now they will representation pieces to Apple, partly to equivocate any roadblocks relating to egghead property: Some of a calm that appears in Apple News and Apple News+ has been constructed by freelance writers, and freelancer contracts typically do not concede publishers or third parties like Apple to reuse stories but agree or additional compensation.

Publishers are pronounced to be skeptical, carrying seen vanishingly small income from a use as it is, and endangered that this could outcome in reduce earnings, not aloft ones.

Even with Apple doing many of a complicated lifting, several publishers courtesy a skeleton skeptically, 3 sources said. One pronounced it has not seen justification that Apple News’s assembly will wish to listen to audio versions of their stories. A second disturbed that if Apple emphasizes audio for News+, it could serve askance a design of who gets compensated: Listening to a story, after all, takes longer than reading one.

Apple has left really still on subscriber numbers to Apple News+, and a conduct of a business stepped down in February.

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