Apple news: Android’s aspirant during week of May 29, 2020


iPhone SE lightning pier 2iPhone SE lightning pier 2

This week in Apple news we listened a gossip associated to Apple’s exclusive Lightning connector. The large doubt is: will a iPhone 12 array have it? Some contend Apple will embankment a pier for USB-C and others contend no. Read on to find out what one leaker has to say.

In other Apple news, we listened about some destiny health-related AirPods features. We also found out about a new jailbreak for iPhones, a recognition of a iPhone 11, and only how concerned Samsung will be in a origination of a iPhone 12 series.

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The tip Apple news stories of a past week:

  • iPhone 12 will substantially still use a Lightning connector: While we (and a environment) wish that Apple will embankment a Lightning connector soon, it doesn’t seem that will occur for a iPhone 12. Instead, one semi-reliable leaker says that Apple will embody Lightning on a iPhone 12 array before going port-less on destiny iPhones.
  • New sensors competence be in destiny AirPods: According to a DigiTimes report, there could be some kind of ambient light sensors in destiny AirPods headphones. Theoretically, these sensors would concede AirPods to lane certain health aspects; kind of like a aptness band, yet for your ears.
  • Remember jailbreaking? It’s back: If we wish to jailbreak your iPhone for some reason, an updated penetrate apparatus will assistance we out. Using unc0ver 5.0.0, we allegedly can jailbreak any iPhone we like, regardless of a indication or iOS version. Honestly, though, if you’re jailbreaking iPhones in 2020, we should substantially only pierce to Android.
  • The world’s many renouned phone in Q1 2020 was an iPhone: The iPhone 11 — a cheapest entrance in a 2019 lineup — is strictly a world’s many renouned phone for a initial entertain of a year. In second place is a many renouned Android phone in a world: a Samsung Galaxy A51.
  • The iPhone 12 will still have a lot of Samsung in it: Despite their apparent rivalry, Apple depends on Samsung for a OLED displays. Apple tries to variegate a supply portfolio as many as it can, yet a new gossip suggests that roughly 80% of a OLED displays in a iPhone 12 lineup will come from Samsung.
  • The Chinese inscription marketplace is now Huawei’s: Despite a iPad being flattering many a best inscription we can buy (come on, Android OEMs, step adult your game!), there’s a new inscription aristocrat in China. For a initial entertain of a year, it appears Huawei sole some-more tablets in China than Apple.
  • Need a $100 Lightning cable? Here we go: Popular wiring appendage builder Anker only launched a plainly absurd product: a 24K gold-plated Lightning cable. It costs $100 and it ships with a present box, transport pouch, acquire guide, and lifetime warranty. we theory if you’re ultra-wealthy this would be something you’d want.

Thinking about creation a switch?

Pixel 4 XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Max camerasPixel 4 XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Max cameras

If we are reading this Apple news essay on an iOS device and meditative about creation a switch to Android, we have mixed articles and guides that can assistance we with that process. Despite how it competence seem, relocating from iOS to Android is easier than ever, and many of a services and systems on iOS have identical or even a same counterparts on Android.

The best place to start would be a beam on how to switch from iPhone to Android, that goes over all a basics. We also have some-more specific guides, such as how to send your calendar from iPhone to Android. We also have app guides that will give we a best alternatives to iOS staples, such as a list of best alternatives to FaceTime on Android.

If you’re looking for a good Android device to reinstate your iPhone, deliberate a list of a best Android smartphones accessible now.

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