Apple News: $400 Mac Pro Wheels Don’t Have Brakes


Apple’s latest $5999 Mac Pro’s discretionary $400 wheels, sadly don’t come with brakes. Although roughly all complicated wheeled seat do, comes with their possess set of brakes to close it into position, Apple seems to have had a opposite thought with a latest Mac Pro veteran desktop system.

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Whichever approach we demeanour during it this can’t be a good thing. Perhaps a brakes would have busted a purify cultured of a Mac Pro, though as Marques Brownlee forked out, we can’t keep a Mac Pro on your table if we have a wheels on it. Once on a floor, we improved wish a building is turn too, or you’ll finish adult wanting wedges to keep it from perplexing to escape, as chatter user @JonyIveParody pleasantly forked out.

What creates matters worse is that we can’t simply barter a wheels out for a feet since a support of a Mac itself is indeed wholly opposite once that options is comparison (which goes some approach to clear a cost). So a recommendation is, save yourself a $400 and only get a various with feet if you’re in a marketplace for a Mac Pro. It comes with good carrying handles during a tip anyway for if we do need to pierce it from place-to-place. 

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