Apple May Replace Your iPhone XS or XR’s Smart Battery Case (for Free)


If your Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS or XR isn’t operative properly, Apple might reinstate it for giveaway — even if it’s out of warranty.

The Cupertino tech hulk this week launched a new deputy module covering Smart Battery Cases for a iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The module covers models done between Jan 2019 and Oct 2019.

Since a Smart Battery Cases in doubt were launched in Jan 2019, that covers flattering most each section constructed so far. It’s expected that Apple bound a underlying emanate in Smart Battery Case models constructed after Oct 2019.


As for because Apple is rising this program, a association says it has identified a integrate of charging issues with a devices. That includes problems with charging a box itself when plugged into power, as good as problems charging a iPhone it’s commissioned on.

The Cupertino tech hulk did note that it isn’t a reserve issue, so users shouldn’t be too dumbfounded about their Smart Battery Cases.

Of course, if we purchased a Smart Battery Case for your 2018 iPhone, it’s expected that your appendage is still underneath warranty. This module radically extends that guaranty for another year after a date of purchase. So even if your sold indication is operative excellent now, we should be lonesome in a destiny as well.

How Does a Replacement Program Work?

  • Users will be means to get a giveaway Smart Battery Case deputy during an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.
  • All models and colors are lonesome underneath a program, yet Apple might usually select to reinstate models that are privately influenced by a issue.

It’s value observant that a module doesn’t cover Smart Battery Cases for a iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. That suggests that a association hasn’t found an emanate with those cases, or that it bound it during a prolongation process.

The Smart Battery Case itself is a good choice for iPhone users, given it integrates firmly with iOS and provides additional battery energy but too most additional bulk or weight.

Apple also records that it will dispose of inadequate battery cases in “an environmentally accessible way.”

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