Apple iPhone 9 to arrive with Face ID, bigger shade than iPhone 8 – news


The oldest Apple phone now on a marketplace is iPhone 8, and a Cupertino association skeleton on regulating that as a bottom for a arriving cheaper and some-more compress offering. New reports from suppliers who attended CES 2020 and spoke with a source from Japan strew some light on a specs.

According to a info, Apple wants to move a iPhone 9 with a physique of an iPhone 8, a latest chipset A13 Bionic and with Face ID, while omission Touch ID and a symbol as good to make room for a bigger screen.

Updated iPhone 8 competence arrive with Face ID, bigger screen

Adopting a TrueDepth camera and stealing a fingerprint scanner will concede a arrangement to grow from 4.7″ to 5.4″. The camera will also be updated, as good as a concomitant LED flash.

Source (in Japanese)

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