Apple Insider Exposes iPhone 12, But There’s A Problem


Apple has already announced a iPhone 12’s tentpole upgrade, though a pattern of a new 2020 iPhone now leaked from a accurate source. And it looks too good to be true. 

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Verified by Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser (arguably a most well-connected Apple insider right now), puzzling Twitter user Fudge has leaked images from an inner build of Apple iOS 14 display dramatical pattern changes for not usually a iPhone 12, though also a iPhone homescreen. Let’s mangle them down. 

First, a images uncover Apple will significantly revoke a distance of a iPhone 12 notch, that builds on information from mixed sources, including acclaimed insider Ming-Chi Kuo and Prosser himself. It’s a vital ascent on a increasingly old-fashioned vast nick Apple has used given a iPhone X launched in 2017. 

In further to this, a images uncover an eye-catching new back camera array with a triangular triple-camera blueprint of a iPhone 11 Pro transposed by 4 new modules organised in a square. The fourth procedure is a remarkable LiDAR sensor Apple debuted with a new 2020 iPad Pros and it allows long-range mapping of a surrounding sourroundings unlike anything we have seen before

Second, and maybe even some-more sparkling for existent iPhone owners, a images uncover an all-new iOS homescreen that appears to brew icons with widgets. Android has had widgets for years, so this is a much-anticipated catch-up pierce by Apple. 

For his part, Prosser reliable a images are “legit” and indeed constructed unwatermarked versions of both that he had attained. But here’s a too good to be loyal part: he understands that they usually anxiety images within iOS 14 so they can't be used to endorse a final pattern during this theatre On tip of this, a source within iOS 14 growth states that there are no builds of iOS 14 with widgets – they are not ruled out for a destiny update, though they are doubtful to be a launch feature. 

The good news? The images do still bond with discernible information we already have. Prosser himself has leaked images of a iPhone 12 operation with smaller notches really tighten to this and a leaked build of iOS 14 has suggested a underline codenamed ‘Avocado’, that 9to5Mac reveals is connected to work for “real widgets on a iPhone and iPad home screen”. 

So with pattern a usually doubt about an iPhone 12 choice that will already container massive opening upgrades, ProMotion displays, 5G opposite a house and new shade sizes to fit everyone, a signs do demeanour really good. The usually doubt is either a final iPhone 12 pattern will indeed demeanour as good as Apple’s anxiety images?


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